Are you a Fish-Out-of-Water Olympic and Paralympic Games fan?

July 5

While there are new safeguards in place, the essence of the Games hasn’t changed: it’s all about bringing communities together to celebrate athletic competition, gain unity in diversity, and leave a lasting legacy for the future.

At Allianz Partners, we know that sport is important to expats: it’s a connection with home, a badge of honour in our communities, and an opportunity for new connections. When we travel abroad, we carry our passions with us, keeping our heritage in our hearts while exploring all that our new homes have to offer, from national sports to local clubs. Catching a rugby match in the UK, a cricket tournament in India or a sumo wrestling bout in Japan is a memorable experience, but nothing quite compares to the love of a sport we brought with us from home.

That’s why this summer is set to be a special one 一 there’s no better way to celebrate our national and cultural sporting devotions than seeing our flag hoisted high and our athletes compete for the coveted Olympic gold medal. And when that ribbon is slipped over our heroes’ heads, we’ll be bursting with pride and rejoicing along with everyone else back home 一 even if no one in our new location understands the fuss. A niche sport to one man or woman might be a matter of life and death to another!

Being a sports fan abroad can make for unusual situations, and great stories to tell. Sometimes an expat is the only fan dressed in yellow in a sea of red jerseys, the only supporter glued to the TV, or the only follower who really understands the rules of the game. Expat families are often made up of people from different countries and cultures: who shouts the loudest for their team in your house? Who will you be cheering for in the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 in July and August?

We want to hear your stories, to learn more about how you support your chosen sport, team or athlete, wherever you are in the world even if it feels like you're the only one! You might be a Canadian canoeing fan in Cuba, or a French fencing fanatic in the Philippines.  Maybe you’re a sailing supporter, living in landlocked Liechtenstein? Or a skiing fan sweltering in the Sahara? Whether curling is your thing, or basketball is your jam, let us know! Head over to our Facebook page to learn more about how you could win a fan experience with an Olympic or Paralympic hero!


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