Olive is our proactive care engine, developed to support your employees on their journey to a long, happy and healthy life. With Olive your staff will have access to a range of services and tools designed to guide them towards a healthier life.

Discover how Olive can help your employees to improve their quality of life
Our HealthSteps app has been designed to give personalised guidance and to help members reach their health and fitness goals.
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Advices, tips and resources to help your employees make the best choices about their health and wellbeing.
online library
Monthly wellness webinars created to advise your employees on how to engage with their health. 

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 Quick health assessments developed to help your employees understand how their lifestyle choices affect their health and guide them towards a healthier life.
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With our Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator your employees can estimate their body fat and find out their ideal weight. This will help them to set their goals and achieve a healthy lifestyle.

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Our medical experts will help your team to embrace an healthier lifestyle with talks and seminaries on relevant and useful wellness topics, such as nutrition, back pain, etc.
We’ll work with you to create tailored and targeted medical screening sessions in the convenience of your workplace. Our medical team will take the medical history and carry out a variety of tests.
Our anonymised insights allow us to report potential health risks of to you, way before your employees present any symptoms. We’ll help you to guide your team towards a healthy, longer life.
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  • Enhanced duty of care
  • Indirect cost containment
  • Make the most of your IPMI
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  • Improved health and wellbeing
  • Early detection of chronic conditions
  • Proactive treatment and care management
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