How to Get Your Employees on Board with International Health Insurance

 Jul 08, 2024 | 4 Min Read

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International health insurance plays an important role in ensuring employees have access to quality healthcare wherever they are. This not only safeguards their health but also enhances their productivity and overall job satisfaction. 


Offering international health insurance is a significant benefit that can set your company apart from the rest. A survey of 11,000 employees completed by discovered that over a “ quarter of employees globally are ready to move on from their current jobs”. Pay and work hours were identified as top priorities followed closely by emotional factors including feeling valued, appreciated and supported. Businesses must cater for these needs to attract and retain top tier staff. 

International health insurance provides employees with comprehensive healthcare coverage for when working or traveling abroad. Unlike domestic health insurance, which offers limited or no coverage outside the person’s home country, international health insurance ensures that employees receive adequate medical care worldwide. 


Key features typically include emergency medical evacuation, coverage for medical expenses, routine and specialist care, and access to a network of international healthcare providers.

Prioritising employee health and well-being is essential for fostering a positive work environment and maintaining high levels of engagement and productivity. International health insurance is a vital component of this strategy. It demonstrates your commitment to your employees' health, reduces stress related to medical uncertainties, and allowing them to focus on work without health-related distractions. 


Employees who feel cared for are more likely to stay with the company, thereby reducing turnover and associated recruitment costs. Learn more about the power of happiness and wellbeing in the professional world in the our Happiness Hub.

Effectively communicating the advantages of international health insurance plans is key to getting employees on board. Start by highlighting the comprehensive coverage and peace of mind it provides. Address common concerns such as costs, coverage for preexisting conditions and types of coverage. 


Use clear, concise language and provide real-life examples of how international health insurance has benefited other employees. Hosting informational sessions and providing detailed resources can also help clarify any misconceptions.

Implementing international health insurance in your organisation involves the following steps:


  • Assessment and Selection: HR and management should assess employees' needs and choose an insurance company provider plan that aligns with those needs.  
  • Communication: Clearly communicate the details of the plan to all employees, ensuring they understand the benefits and how to access them. Help staff by facilitating enrolment and addressing any issues that arise. 
  • Ongoing Support: Maintain continuous communication, support and regular updates with staff about the insurance plan.

Real-life examples can be powerful in illustrating the benefits of international health insurance to your employees. Take a look at our testimonials from employees who have received critical medical care abroad, showcasing the tangible impact of this coverage. 


International health insurance is a vital benefit that supports the health and well-being of employees working abroad. By understanding its importance, effectively communicating its benefits, and implementing it thoughtfully, you can ensure that your employees are well-protected and satisfied. 


Prioritising international health insurance is not just a perk - it is a strategic investment in your workforce that can lead to enhanced loyalty, reduced turnover, and a more robust company culture. Speak to our business team today and find the right fit for your organisation’s insurance needs such as International Group Health Insurance with Allianz Partners


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