Allianz Partners is thrilled to present its second Partners in Health event on the 21st and 22nd April 2021
Agenda | Day 1
body and mind
  • Ida Luka-Lognone, CEO Healt, Allianz Partners

After a year of a global pandemic, the world is now emerging to a new way of living. How will we adapt to this world? When can we say the pandemic is over?

  • Ana Boata, Head of Macroeconomic Research, Euler Hermes

With organisations now promoting work-from-home setups for their workforce, what will be the impact on the minds and bodies of their staff? What support do organisations need to provide?

  • Elke Geraerts, PhD in Psychology, CEO of Better Minds at Work
  • Vanessa King, Science of Happiness Expert
  • Anne Lepetit, Group Chief Medical Officer, Allianz Partners
working from home

This talk is not only the perfect antidote to stress, but also an eye-opener that makes it clear that investing in resilience leads to greater productivity and happiness. In a 48-hour challenge, Elke will push you to put a number of tips and tricks into practice.

  • Elke Geraerts, PhD in Psychology, CEO of Better Minds at Work

Arnaud reached 100 meters at 21 years old, becoming the youngest free diver in history to achieve this depth. He will share his story and guide us through a series of breathing exercises.

  • Arnaud Jerald, Record-breaking free diver
  • David Myers, CSO Health, Allianz Partners
Agenda | Day 2
body and mind
  • Ida Luka-Lognone, CEO Health & Travel, Allianz Partners

Modern healthcare simply couldn’t operate without huge quantities of plastics and the challenge for this to be done sustainably is typical of the tasks ahead. In this session, Ray will take us through his predictions for the future of Health and how sustainability will have to become the priority.

  • Ray Hammond, Futurist

With many movements around environment/ecology trending in the world, do we sometimes forget the social or human aspect to sustainability? How can we make sure we support all aspects of sustainability?

  • Urs Bitterling, Head of Sustainability, Allianz SE
  • Nicolas Hubé, Head of Compensation & Benefits, Aga Khan Development 
  • Moderated by Hendrik Boelens, Allianz Partners

Recycling is one of best things we can do to promote sustainability as individuals but how can your organisation contribute? How can you bring this important topic inside your organisation?

  • Ida Luka-Lognone, CEO Health, Allianz Partners
  • Markus Herz, Group Environment Officer, Allianz SE
  • Rik Vera, Corporate Sustainability Speaker


working from home

The missions of respected IGOs and NGOs have been to protect the population in displacement since the early 1900’s. The growing financing problem and efficiency topics linked to political, economical and environmental are the root causes. How can we build up forces to solve key issues of the civil society in 2021?

  • Cedric Edmonds, Founder of Replexus
  • Adam Bornstein, Lead, Innovative Finance & Systems Change, Danish Red Cross
  • Guglielmo Maggini, Senior Underwriter AGCS Alternative Risk Transfer

Since the beginning of the pandemic, a huge amount of plastic is being used everyday and it seems like the sustainability topic has been forgotten. How can we bring back this important challenge on everyone’s mind?

  • Marinette Bommelaer, Head of CSR, Allianz Partners
  • Sandra Sahusilawani, Head of Corporate Partnerships, SOS Children’s Village
  • Muriel Papin, Director,  No plastic in my sea


Gitanjali Rao became one of the world’s most recognized inventors when Time magazine put her on their front cover in December 2020. Rao became Time’s first-ever recipient of its ‘Kid of the Year’ accolade.

  • Gitanjali Rao, Time’s first ever ‘Kid of the Year’ 2020
  • David Myers, CSO Health, Allianz Partners
Ida Luka-Lognone
CEO Health
Allianz Partners

Emma Crosby
Ana boata
Ana Boata
Head of Macroeconomic Research
Euler Hermes
Elke Geraerts
PhD in Psychology
CEO of Better Minds at Work
Vanessa king
Vanessa King
Science of Happiness Expert
Hendrik Boelens
Hendrik Boelens
Head of IGO/NGO
 Allianz Partners
Arnaud Jerald
Arnaud Jerald
Record-breaking free diver
David Myers
David Myers
 CSO Health
Allianz Partners
Ray Hammond
Ray Hammond
Gitanjali Rao
Gitanjali Rao
 Time’s first ever ‘Kid of the Year’ 2020
Urs Bitterling
Urs Bitterling
 Head of Sustainability
Allianz SE
Markus Herz
Markus Herz
Group Environment Officer
Allianz SE
Nicholas hube
Nicolas Hubé
Head of Compensation & Benefits
Aga Khan Development Network 
Anne Lepetit
Anne Lepetit
 Group Chief Medical Officer
Allianz Partners 
Cedric Edmonds
Guglielmo Maggini
Senior Underwriter
AGCS Alternative Risk Transfer
rik vera
Rik Vera
Corporate Sustainability Speaker
Marinette Bommelaer
Head of CSR
Allianz Partners
Sandra Sahusilawani
Head of the International Corporate Partnerships & Philanthropy
SOS Children’s Village International
No Plastic in my Sea
Adam Bornstein
Adam Bornstein
Lead, Innovative Finance & Systems Change
Danish Red Cross
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