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Support for Apple Members

Welcome to Allianz Care !

We're here to help you and your family with easy access to The Extended Health Plan in your country of employment.

If you are eligible and enrolled under your local Apple insurance plan in participating countries, you and your dependants are also entitled to the Extended Health Plan. 
To confirm eligibility, please reach out to Apple People Support
The Extended Health Plan – Dependant Enrolment Form must be completed and sent to us with the first claim where one of your eligible dependants is the patient.
Choose your country to download your Table of Benefits & User Benefits Guide

If it is your or your dependant first time claiming, we first need to set up your policy prior to 1st treatment. 

Call or email our 24/7 Helpline to activate your policyUpon receipt of your individual policy number, you may submit your claim following one of the two scenarios below:

  • Get an insurance statement from your local insurance provider.
  • Complete and submit the Extended Health Plan Treatment Guarantee Form along with all supporting documentation at least five working days before treatment.
  • We contact the hospital to organise payment of your bill directly, where possible.

Indicating your renewal date and the benefits you’re covered for including any limits that apply (if the treatment you’re seeking is not covered by your plan please ensure this is indicated too).


  • Get an insurance statement from your local insurance provider.
  • Get an invoice from your medical provider 
  •  Claim back your eligible costs via our MyHealth App or web portal. Simply enter a few key details, add your invoice(s) and press ‘submit’.

Indicating your renewal date and the benefits you’re covered for,including any limits that apply (if the treatment you’re seeking is not covered by your plan please ensure this is indicated too).

The medical provider invoice must clearly state:

  • Your name
  • Treatment date(s)
  • Medical condition treated and type of treatment
  • Date you first experienced the symptoms
  • Treatment cost

No, the cost of the plan is fully paid by Apple. However, in some countries, you may be taxed on the insurance premium.

Yes. Before you submit your first claim, please contact our 24/7 Helpline. Our team will verify your details and ensure they correspond to the information received from your employer. We will then provide you with an individual policy number. Any eligible dependants will be enrolled under the same policy number upon submission of the Dependant Enrolment Form. 

For any further claim, pre-approval request or any other communication with us afterwards, please quote your individual policy number when contacting us.

Services and treatments may be covered if:

  • Treatment and services take place on or after 1st January 2023.
  • You (and your eligible dependants, when applicable) are enrolled in the local Apple medical plan.
  • You are an eligible Apple employee during services/treatment.

For a first claim submission where the patient is one of your dependants, you will need to get them registered in the plan first.

1. Fill out the Dependant Enrolment Form and send it to We will process your enrolment request and add your dependant under your policy.

2. Once your dependant has been added in the system, they can access treatment by following one of the below processes:

  • For treatments that do not require our pre-approval they/you (in case of a minor) can pay and claim via the MyHeath Digital Services (available as a mobile app or online portal). They/you will need to select the dependant’s name under the patient drop down menu, provide a few details, add the invoice along with the required documentation and submit.
  • For a treatment guarantee request, they/you will need to submit a Treatment Guarantee Form along with all the required documentation to us within at least five working days prior to treatment.

Our Helpline provides 24/7 support in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

If you speak another language, please inform the Helpline when you call us and we will try to locate an interpreter. You may also refer to the Apple People Site for self-service

We can accept medical information and insurance documentation in any language.

Our Data Protection Notice explains how we protect your privacy and process your personal data.

To read it visit:

 Alternatively, you can contact us on the phone to request a paper copy.

If you have any queries about how we use your personal data, please email us at:

  • For questions about coverage or claims, please contact our 24/7 helpline.
  • For questions on eligibility, contact Apple People Support.
The Extended Health Plan covers required room and board expenses related to a covered inpatient treatment according to your local plan, and will not cover upgraded accommodations. Reasonable and customary costs may apply. Contact us for more information.
Our multilingual Helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to handle any questions about your policy or to assist you with a claim. 
* If you speak another language, please inform the Helpline when you call us and we will try to locate an interpreter.