International Healthcare for Individuals in Singapore

International Healthcare for Individuals in Singapore

For expats / foreigners living in Singapore or local citizens who want to get medical treatment abroad.

Taking care of your and your family’s wellness and safety overseas

Select your combination of healthcare benefits and your geographical area of cover.

Direct settlement for in-patient treatments; 48-hour claims processing; our MyHealth Digital Services to give you access to your cover anytime, anywhere.

*Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty Singapore Branch is the insurer and Allianz Care is the administrator. Whenever we use the terms “we”, “us” and “our” in the pages dedicated to the international health insurance we offer, it will refer to both entities.

The insurer is Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE Singapore Branch, address 12 Marina View, #14-01 Asia Square Tower 2, 018961, Singapore. Company Registration No. T11FC0131K. This policy is supported by AWP Health & Life SA, trading as Allianz Care, a limited company governed by the French Insurance Code and acting through its Irish Branch. Part of the Allianz Group, AWP Health & Life SA is registered in France: No. 401 154 679 RCS Bobigny. Irish Branch is registered in the Irish Companies Registration Office, registered No.: 907619, address: 15 Joyce Way, Park West Business Campus, Nangor Road, Dublin 12, Ireland. AWP Health & Life SA provides administration services and technical support for the policy. Allianz Care and Allianz Partners are registered business names of AWP Health & Life SA.

About Allianz Global Corporate and Specialty

Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) is a leading global corporate insurance carrier and a key business unit of Allianz Group. We provide risk consultancy, property-casualty insurance solutions and alternative risk transfer for a wide spectrum of commercial, corporate and specialty risks across 10 dedicated lines of business. Worldwide, AGCS operates with its own teams in 32 countries and through the Allianz Group network and partners in over 200 countries and territories, employing over 4,450 people. As one of the largest Property-Casualty units of Allianz Group, we are backed by strong and stable financial ratings. In 2019, AGCS generated a total of €9.1 billion gross premium globally. For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter @AGCS_Insurance and LinkedIn.


About Allianz Care

Allianz Care provides international health, life and disability cover and services to a wide range of customers, including multinational companies, intergovernmental organisations and private individuals and families. Our mission is to ensure that customers have access to quality healthcare through our support, care and commitment to go the extra mile. We are a truly global health partner ensuring fast and simple access to the best advice, treatment and value for our customers. Allianz Care is the international health brand of Allianz Partners. For additional information, please visit or connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

If you're a professional living and working in Singapore, an International Healthcare Plan can ensure your medical needs are met.
regional health care
You are a professional living and working in Singapore who is planning a family or have an established family. Our plans include maternity care and newborn care.
regional health care
✓ You spend long periods abroad each year due to your work or lifestyle
✓ You wants to be able to get medical treatment abroad because you believe the quality of medical care may be better than what’s available locally

✓ You want to purchase additional in-patient cover
regional health care
If you are leaving your company but still want to be insured with us, we can continue to offer you cover with an Individual Expat Healthcare Plan. We help you with:
✓ A dedicated support team for a seamless transition
✓ Flexible cover with many of the same benefits included in your previous plan
  • Multi-country health cover for you and your family
  • Ideal if you’re living/working abroad on a temporary basis
  • Covers your elective day-to-day doctor, dental visits and emergency care
  • Much more extensive medical coverage than travel insurance
  • Allows you to schedule ahead a treatment or surgery abroad

  • It provides multi-country cover
  • They want a higher level of cover
  • They can’t get domestic/state cover
  • They plan to keep moving
  • They want to avoid language barriers
  • One simple plan for all your healthcare needs

Explore our International Health Insurance Plans for Singapore

Our mission is to take care of your safety and wellness overseas.

Our services help you meet a wide range of life challenges:

  • MyHealth Digital Services: symptom-checker, online claims submission,  local hospital locator, medical terms glossary and more.
  • Olive - Allianz Care’s Health & Wellness support program: it includes HealthSteps* fitness app, our Health and Wellness Hub and monthly webinars.
  • Travel Security Services* - 24/7 personal security information and travel safety advice.
  • The Expat Assistance Programme* - confidential 24/7 multilingual support service on a wide range of life challenges.
  • The video and teleconsultation service* – save time by seeing a doctor from the comfort of your home or office.
*These services are provided by third party providers outside of the Allianz Group and are made available to your employees subject to their acceptance of the terms and conditions of the policy. You understand and agree that Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE Singapore Branch and its third party administrators and reinsurers are not responsible and/or liable for any claim, loss or damage, directly or indirectly resulting from the use of these services.

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Maximum plan benefit
SGD: 4,000,000

Policy Wording

Maximum plan benefit
SGD: 2,650,000

Policy Wording

Maximum plan benefit
SGD: 2,000,000

Policy Wording

Maximum plan benefit
SGD: 888,000

Policy Wording

Surgical fees, including anaesthesia and theatre charges
Physician and therapist fees
Surgical appliances and materials
Diagnostic tests
Organ transplant
Up To SGD 17,550
Pyschiatry and pyschotherapy
Up To SGD 10,550
Up to SGD 8,800
Up to SGD 8,800
Accommodation costs for one parent staying in hospital with an insured child under 18
Emergency in-patient dental treatment
The majority of our contracts are for one year. For most of our insurance policies, there is a 30-day cooling-off period from the start date. After this point, the policy may not be cancelled until the renewal date, regardless if you pay monthly or annually.
“In-patient” cover refers to all treatments which take place when an insured person is an "in-patient" (staying for a certain period/overnight) in a given medical facility. “Out-patient” claims (e.g. doctor visits or buying prescription medicines) would only be covered if you purchase an Out-patient Plan together with the In-patient one. We offer a range of different levels of cover for both in-patient and out-patient treatment.
Our Out-patient Plans don’t include routine dental treatment. However, we do offer a specific optional Dental Plan which you can add to your cover.
Your children - or dependants - can be added to your policy, subject to medical underwriting. They would be subject to an additional premium which would be calculated based on their age and the healthcare costs in their primary country of residence.

No, both the policyholder and their dependants will have the same level of cover. Please call our dedicated Sales Team on +65 6297 7134 to discuss your options.

If you are an existing member, you can call our Helpline from inside Singapore at the number 800 353 1018 or from outside Singapore at the number +353 1 630 1301. Our team of multilingual staff are available 24/7 to provide policy information, day-to-day support and emergency assistance to our members. 

We aim to cover pre-existing conditions where we can, but please be aware our policies are subject to full medical underwriting. Please note that any pre-existing conditions may be accepted, surcharged or excluded from cover. To find out about our underwriting approach with regards to a specific pre-existing condition, please contact our Sales Team on +65 6297 7134. They will be happy to guide you through the process.

If you are an existing member, you can call our Helpline from inside Singapore at the number 800 353 1018 or from outside Singapore at the number +353 1 630 1301. Our team of multilingual staff are available 24/7 to provide policy information, day-to-day support and emergency assistance to our members.

We don’t provide travel or holiday insurance. In partnership with Allianz Care we provide international health insurance. Please visit the Allianz Travel website to get a travel insurance quote.

This means that we will provide you emergency cover if you are on a short term trip outside of your area of cover. For instance, if you are travelling in a country outside your selected area of cover, but have bought a plan that does not include that country, we will usually provide cover for emergencies in that country for a limited period of time. Please read your chosen plan's Table of Benefits and Benefit Guide to learn about our general Terms and Conditions.