Your dependents can be added to the policy subject to medical underwriting. They would be subject to their own premium which would be derived from both their age and from the cost of healthcare in the primary country of residence.
Absolutely, we offer different levels of cover from Policyholder to dependent. Please call our  dedicated sales team on +35315148480 to discuss this product.

We do not provide travel or holiday insurance, but we have a short-term plan to suit members who need international health insurance for less than a year. Click here  to find out more about our short-term cover.

If you would like a quote for travel insurance – please contact our colleagues at Allianz Global Assistance.

As your company cover is a tailored corporate scheme, we may not be able to offer you the exact same terms. However, we are happy to offer you similar terms from our Individual plan range.  Please contact our sales team on +35315148480 who will be happy to help.
Routine dental treatment is not included in our out-patient plans. However, we do have a specific dental plan which you can select to add to your cover.

You can choose to pay your premiums annually, half-yearly, quarterly or monthly by direct debit or credit card. You can also pay by cheque or bank transfer, but monthly payments won’t be available if you choose one these payment methods.

Payments are subject to the following administration surcharges: 0% for annual payment, 3% for half-yearly payments, 4% for quarterly payments and 5% for monthly payments..

The payment frequency and methods stated above do not apply to some specialised or regional plans. Please refer to your policy documents to check the payment methods and frequency available to you.
This means that we will cover you on an emergency basis if you are on a short term visit outside your region of cover. For example, if you are on holiday in a country outside your chosen area of cover, but have purchased a plan that does not include that country -  There is usually cover for emergencies in that country for a limited amount of time. Please refer to your chosen plan's  Table of Benefits and Benefit Guide for general terms & conditions.
In-patient cover relates to all treatment which occurs when a member is an "in-patient" (staying overnight/for a period of time) in the hospital.  Out-patient claims (such as doctor visits, buying prescription drugs) would only be covered if an out-patient plan was bought together with the in-patient one. We have a range of different levels of cover for both in-patient and out-patient treatment.
Most of our contracts are for one year. For most products, there is a 30 day cooling off period from the start date. After this, the policy may not be cancelled until renewal, regardless of whether a monthly or annual payment frequency is chosen. 
We look to cover pre-existing conditions where possible. However, our policies are subject to full medical underwriting. Pre-existing conditions  can be accepted, surcharged or excluded depending on their nature. In order to find out about our underwriting approach with respect to a pre-existing condition, please call our sales team on +35315148480 who will be happy to guide you through the process..

Our multilingual helpline staff are available 24 /7 to handle day to day policy enquiries and support you during emergencies.

Note that we will need your name and policy number to identify you in our system and be able to respond to queries on your cover, your claims, etc. – so please don’t forget to have your policy number with you when you call us or to state it in your email (together with your full name) if you prefer to write. 

Call us: +353 1 630 1301