A diverse group of individuals making eye contact, symbolizing unity and collaboration in Next Generation Healthcare.

Next Generation Healthcare



For generations to come

By doing this, we want to have a lasting, positive impact on the health and wellbeing of our customers and wider global communities, for now and years to come.

We’re committed to making healthcare easier. Harnessing technology and the health ecosystem to support customers today, while considering the needs of future generations. It’s why we’ve called our commitment to sustainability Next Generation Healthcare. We are dedicated to helping future generations with 3 primary sustainability goals: positively impacting communities, being a responsible insurer and reducing our environmental impact.  

By improving access, empowering you and supporting sustainable models of care, we’re pioneering better healthcare for today and our collective tomorrow.  

A person measuring a child's arm, making a positive impact on communities.
We have a huge social responsibility as a corporation, so we're helping to make access to care available to underserved communities in different parts of the world and we plan to increase this year on year.
Image of a woman in glasses and a volunteer shirt, symbolizing responsibility in insurance.
Partnering with people who match our values and looking after the wellbeing of our people – our customers, and the people who work for and with us.

A building with a green roof and trees, symbolizing Allianz Care commitment to reducing environmental impact.
We make sure we’re actively having a positive effect on the environment and running as efficiently as possible.


We like to think about healthcare in the long-term rather than in the short term. If we can look after more people’s health today, we can look after millions of people's health for years to come – creating a better, healthier world now and for all future generations. 

By focusing on supporting underserved communities, and being a responsible insurer, we’re committed to creating a better, healthier world for all future generations. 

And by considering our legacy, our impact and by making conscious decisions today, we can positively affect the health of our customers, our communities, and our planet tomorrow.

We offer a range of Education and Career services, supporting and empowering students. Helping those looking for a job or searching for orientation and next career steps, to find the right educational pathway and/or the right job. In Dublin, we created a mentoring programme at St Dominic's Girls School/ St John's De la Salle Boys School Dublin with the goal of preparing and assisting students to transition from school to further education or employment.

Our culture of care goes beyond our customers. For the last 10 years, the team in Dublin has supported and volunteered at the Capuchin day centre, raising money to buy food for the homeless and helping in the kitchens. Each year they organise an Easter egg collection, donating 500 Easter eggs this year. During Christmas, the team also organises a toy collection and the staff Christmas choir goes carol singing in the streets of Dublin to raise money. The team help to raise around €25,000 every year for the centre.
In this podcast we celebrate Women's Diversity at Allianz, featuring a panel of employees who lead, inspire and succeed, independently of their age, race, sexual orientation or disabilities. 
Volunteers from Allianz Partners posing for the Mara Medical Humanitarian Mission.
At Allianz, we recognize that life's hurdles, including breakups, loss, health struggles, disabilities, financial difficulties, and learning challenges, can be immensely daunting. That's why we are dedicated to providing the support you deserve during these trying times. Discover the array of services we offer to assist you when you need it most.
Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany celebrates Earth Day by turning of the lights.
We take part in Earth Hour. This is one of the largest efforts to mobilize citizens for the planet, organized by the WWF. Every year, millions of people turn off their lights during this hour. The Allianz Arena, along with thousands of iconic monuments, is plunged into darkness. In France, Italy, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and other regions of the world, Allianz Partners employees took part in this global event by turning off buildings lights and IT devices.
Volunteers from Allianz Partners posing for the Mara Medical Humanitarian Mission.
Our colleagues did great work delivering complimentary healthcare for the communities in Sekenani Medical Center, Talek Health Center and Enkitoria Oloolaimutia Medical Center. A few words from Robie Mark Paredes and Rita Aquarone on their time in the camps: “We worked most of the time doing triage. At triage, we assess all patients in regards to their symptoms, taking their temperature, pulse rate and blood pressure, height and weight, we also did random blood sugar tests to the patients. We had a busy day and we managed to handle around 350 patients in the Talek Health Center.” Thank you to Lifecare International for facilitating the camps. 
Allianz Partners is part of the Allianz Group of companies. To find out more about how we are collaborating for a sustainable future you can visit our allianz.com website.