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Our Emotional wellbeing videos is a helping hand to employees seeking to protect their mental health and live a more balanced, fuller and authentic life.
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You can login to your Online Services account to manage multiple Group Scheme Manager tasks here:

To register, please contact our Group Client Support Team who will help you set up an account for you and any additional users required.

Once your account has been set up, usernames, passwords and details of how to login will be sent to each user by email.

Click below for contact details:

As a Group Scheme Manager, you can use Online Services from wherever you are, to do all the below and more:

  • View group scheme details
  • View Table of Benefits and Benefit Guide
  • Manage staff policies
  • Compose and download membership reports
  • Manage contact details
Whether you belong to a small to medium enterprise, a large corporate, IGO or NGO, our team is waiting to help you out on any day-to-day group queries, additions, cancellations or changes to existing policies.

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