Building Relationships with
Insurance Partners

We're proud to work with intermediaries, Managing General Underwriters (MGUs), administrators, insurers and bank insurers all around the world. We support our valued partners with tailored information, sales administration and access to a global bank of resources.
Intermediaries representing Employers can complete our "Group Quote Request Form", or simply call our Corporate Sales team. 
Intermediaries seeking international healthcover for private clients can complete our online quotation form or call our Sales team. 
MGUs, administrators, insurers and bank insurers are assisted by our dedicated Partnership and Affinity Group - contact them today.

We are true partners in the international health and life industry, offering a relationship built on respect, trust and mutual benefits, including access to a worldwide system of sales, administrative and digital support.

We recognise that intermediaries play a valuable role in providing expert advice on international healthcare. Registering with us is easy and offers a host of benefits. 
Contact our Corporate Sales team
As an established global healthcare provider, we can supply the resources and flexibility to work with multiple partners to find the perfect solution for clients.
We have developed a wide range of insurance products and corporate services, allowing insurers and bank insurers to offer tailored, value-added solutions to their clients. 
Our worldwide network of trusted partners is central to our ethos of caring for our customers across the world. We are committed to supporting and growing these valued relationships. 

Oliver - Customer    
February 2019

Goran - Customer    
October 2018 

Everything is easy, setting up the claim to the end resumt.

Peter - Customer    

February 2019

Tomasz - Customer    
February 2019
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Local and international intermediaries can view our policy documentation, contact our sales support team and find the answers to most frequently asked questions.