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Find out what exclusions are, what they mean and if they apply to your  group policy             
Learn about deductibles, co-payment and benefit limits, which may impact the amount we'll pay when your employees  claim. 
Do you know what Moratorium insurance is? And FMU or MHD? Learn the different insurance types to identify the one applicable to your group
Find out the difference between in-patient, out-patient, day-care treatment and which require our pre-approval.
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Check our health guides, videos, podcasts and recipe books aimed to help you prevent and manage common health issues.
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Explore a wide range of services to help change the way you see health and protect you from preventable health risks.
Certain services which may be included in your plan are provided by third party providers. You understand and agree that the insurer, its reinsurers and administrators are not responsible or liable for any claim, loss or damage, directly or indirectly resulting from your use of any of these third party services. Services are subject to third party terms of use. Wysa may not be used by those under 13 and is subject to legal guardian consent between 13 and 18. Wysa is not a substitute for face to face psychotherapy nor provides a diagnosis or prognosis, treatment or cure for a disease,  disorder or disability or to provide any kind of state regulated mental health service in users country of residence. Wysa is not an emergency or crisis serviceand should not be used by individuals suffering from certain physical and mental conditions, as more particularly listed in the Wysa terms of use.