MyHealth Digital Services

Designed to help you manage your claims as well as your health
my policy
Access your insurance documents and premium payments 
my claims
Submit and track your claims online

Provider- finder
Find hospitals, doctors or other health practitioners around the world contracted for direct settlement

my benefits
Explore your cover
health assistance
Access digital tools and services to help you manage your health and wellness

With our Telehealth Hub you can get medical care and advice via phone, video or chat. All you need is a phone or device with internet access. 

Talking to a doctor is easy:

  1. Access our hub through your MyHealth app or portal
  2. You'll find the hub under the Health Assistance section
  3. Select your location
  4. Click on talk to a doctor
  5. Select your preferred language
  6. Arrange a consultation
Inside the Health & Wellness Hub you will find information on diet and nutrition, exercise and fitness, sleep and emotional wellbeing. You’ll also find services like our HealthSteps App, Expat Assistance Programme App, Travel Security Services App, BMI Calculator, Wellness webinars and more. 

Login to MyHealth Digital Services or download the App to access your cover on the go.

If this is your first time logging in, you will need to register first with your email address and policy number.

We gathered some of the most frequently asked questions about our MyHealth Digital Services

After logging into the MyHealth Digital Services click on ‘My Claims’ to view existing claims and submit a new claim. 

To submit a new claim click on the ‘Submit a Claim’ button and follow the steps onscreen. You’ll be asked to answer a few simple questions regarding your treatment and will have the option to add an invoice by selecting a file or taking photo of your physical invoice. Once done you can choose to add further invoices and additional information or submit your claim.

After logging into the MyHealth Digital Services click on the ‘My Claims’ to view existing claims. Select the relevant closed claim to view the Statement of Accounts and Notification of Payment.

After logging into the MyHealth Digital Services click on “ View Policy and click on “Documents”. You can also view your current ‘Table of Benefits” under  “My Benefits’. This will display the benefits available to you as well as details of any co-payments, deductibles and limits.


Yes, simply login to MyHealth and go to "View My policy"/ "Policy documents". Then download the required document, open with Adobe Acrobat reader and click on "print".

After logging into the MyHealth Digital Services click on ‘My Benefits’ to view your current Table of Benefits. This will display the benefits available to you as well as details of any co-payments, deductibles and limits.


We recommend that you read your Table of Benefits in conjunction with your Benefit Guide (available on the “my policy” section) to ensure your treatment is covered. If you’re unsure or need any assistance please contact our Helpline before commencing treatment.

After logging into the MyHealth portal click on ‘Manage Account’ in the navigation pane at the top of the page to change your registered email address and update your MyHealth password. You can also edit your marketing communication preferences.

If you are using the app,  click on the user profile icon () and manage your account details.

Yes. It’s free to download but you may incur charges depending on the plan you have with your telecommunications/internet provider e.g. for information updates and phone calls.

Yes. All data stored in the app or transmitted to and from the app is secured via encryption.


Each time you start the app, it will attempt to check for information updates on our servers. This can take some time depending on the speed of your internet connection and the amount of data the app may need to download. You can still use the app while this process is taking place. The date of your latest successful update is displayed on your home screen.

Yes. You can safely remove the app in the usual way. If you re-install the app you will be guided through the setup process again.

Yes. Your PIN number can be unique on each device when accessing the same policy.

Yes, all adult dependent have access to MyHealth Digital Services and should manage their own personal data. As per GRDP rules, the members on a policy only have access to their own personal and sensitive data like their their claims data for example. We encourage each adult on the policy to register to MyHealth Digital Services.

Yes, this is normal. In accordance with GDPR, all adult dependent on the policy must register to their own MyHealth Digital Services and access their own personal information including claims data. This is to protect the privacy of the individual over their own data.

If you forgot your password,  click on the "Forgot password?" link displayed on the MyHealth login page and follow the instructions on screen. Be ready to provide your policy number, which you can find in your Insurance Certificate.

Access our MyHealth portal or download the app. On the home page click on the "Register here" link and follow the instructions on the screen. Be ready to provide your policy number, which you can find in your Insurance Certificate.
If you are an Allianz China policyholders we have an unique app for you. Click here to know more.