International insurance 
administration services

Making it easy for you to do business, across the globe
Our international administration services include issuing policy documents in multiple languages, managing medical cases, handling claims and offering support through our relationship management teams or our 24/7 multilingual Helpline. Companies not insured or part-insured with Allianz Care can still avail of our comprehensive international administration services.
telehealth hub
Making life easier with our digital services

We are committed to expanding our market-leading digital solutions to make life simpler, easier and safer for our clients. Managers can use the online services to view and manage their group schemes, or run membership reports. Staff can use the secure portal or our pioneering  MyHealth app to submit claims and view their policy details, anytime, anywhere.
Robust cost containment

Allianz Care is a global leader in  international insurance, with decades of experience in cost containment, fraud prevention, and provider management. By managing costs effectively, we can offer even better value to our members.
Global medical provider network

We have a team of highly skilled in-house doctors and nurses who oversee all in-patient treatments and emergency medical evacuations. We’re also proud to have a large network of over 1.9 million medical providers worldwide, with widespread direct billing.