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Some treatments and costs require pre-authorisation via a Treatment Guarantee Form. Treatment Guarantee help us to assess each case, organise everything with the hospital before your arrival and facilitate direct payment of your hospital bill, where possible.
Arranging to pay your premium by direct debit is easy - just complete and submit the form, and we'll take care of the rest.

Your health and wellbeing matter to us, which is why we invite you to take this digital medical check-up which will provide an overall and updated assessment of your health, including areas you've probably never explored! To access it, simply go to Health Assistant /Wellness Hub on MyHealth app or portal.

Your Expat Assistance Programme (EAP) provides 24/7 confidential support on a wide range of challenges including stress, depression, cultural shock and more.

You have 24/7  access to Wysa – your chat bot buddy, giving you a safe and anonymous space to vent and be heard. You can also chat with a professional human coach when you want a more personal touch. To access it, simply go to Health Assistant /Wellness Hub on MyHealth app or portal.

Set your fitness goal and choose an action plan, track your activities to reach your goal, join challenges to keep motivated,  and find tips on how to live and maintain a healthy life.

We can help you find a provider from our international directory of hospitals, doctors and health practitioners. Simply click on the link below or access it via MyHeath digital services.

24/7 access to professionals for medical care and advice via phone, video or chat. All you need is a phone or device with internet access. Access the hub via MyHealth digital services. 

If included in your plan, video consultation services will show in your Table of Benefits.

As part of your cover, you have access to our Second Medical Opinion service designed to provide you with expert medical advice when you need it the most.

To access our service, simply call our 24/7 Helpline.

In the unfortunate event of a cancer diagnosis, we will assign you a dedicated case manager, a healthcare professional from our own Medical Team, to guide and assist you through your treatment*.
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We cover treatment for COVID-19. Vaccination costs are also covered if you have this benefit within your policy. Please note, cover is subject to terms and conditions, benefit limits and area of cover of the policy and costs must be reasonable and customary.

Please visit our FAQ to see our terms and conditions and to find out more. Cover is not provided if any element of the cover, benefit, activity, business or underlying business violates any applicable sanction law or regulations of the United Nations, the European Union or any other applicable economic or trade sanction law or regulations.

Our easy-to-read health guides are designed to help you with common health issues, perfect for sharing with family and friends.

You have access to Travel Security Services including emergency hotline, country intelligence and advice, updates and alerts. The service is available 24/7 via app, phone or website. 
Health & wellbeing updates by international health experts. Register to upcoming webinars to watch live or receive the recording for viewing at your own convenience.
Get answers to your questions quickly and easily with our handy FAQs.
You have access to a complete network of medical providers based in the UAE. The type of network
selected for you is indicated on your Access Card and you can find the detailed list of medical providers included in your network by clicking on the link below.

First, check that your plan covers the treatment you are seeking. Your Table of Benefits will confirm which benefits are available to you, however, you can always call our Helpline if you have any queries. 

Normally planned in-patient treatments are subject to our Treatment Guarantee/Pre-authorization process for direct settlement of your medical bills. This process may be different depending on the insurance product available to you – for this reason, please check your Benefit Guide to confirm what process applies to your policy. 

For example, if you are covered under one of our standard International Healthcare Plans, the process requires that you submit a Treatment Guarantee Form in advance of treatment by following the process below:

  1. Download a Treatment Guarantee Form (available here).
  2. Send the completed form to us at least five working days before treatment. Scan and email, fax or post (details on the form).
  3. We contact your medical provider directly to arrange settlement of your bills (where possible and where your costs are eligible for cover).

Please note that important terms and conditions are applicable to the medical claiming process. These terms and conditions may vary depending on the product available to you and on the type of insurance contract. We therefore advise you to check your Benefit Guide to confirm the claiming terms and conditions applicable to your policy with us.

You can access your Benefit Guide via MyHealth Digital Services. Simply login via browser  or use the MyHealth app, click on “My Policy” and select the “Documents” tab.

For convenience, we summarise below the terms and conditions that normally apply to standard policies in terms of medical claims:

  1. You must submit all claims (via our MyHealth digital services) no later than six months after the end of the Insurance Year. If cover is cancelled during the Insurance Year, you should submit your claim no later than six months after the date that your cover ended. After this time we are not obliged to settle the claim

  2. You must submit a separate claim for each person claiming and for each medical condition being claimed for. 

  3. When you send us copies of supporting documents (e.g. medical receipts), please make sure you keep the originals. We have the right to request original supporting documentation/receipts for auditing purposes up to 12 months after settling your claims.

    We may also request proof of payment by you (e.g. bank or credit card statement) for medical bills you have paid. We advise that you keep copies of all correspondence with us as we cannot be held responsible for correspondence that fails to reach us for any reason outside of our control.

  4. If the amount you are claiming is less than the deductible figure in your plan, you can either:
    - Collect all out-patient receipts until you reach an amount that exceeds this deductible figure.
    - Send us each claim every time you receive treatment. Once you reach the deductible amount, we’ll start reimbursing you.
    Attach all supporting receipts and/or invoices with your claim.

  5. Please specify the currency you wish to be paid in. On rare occasions, we may not be able to make a payment in that currency due to international banking regulations. If this happens, we will identify a suitable alternative currency. If we have to make a conversion from one currency to another, we will use the exchange rate that applied on the date the invoices were issued, or on the date that we pay your claim. Please note that we reserve the right to choose which currency exchange rate to apply. 

  6. We will only reimburse (within the limit of your policy) eligible costs after considering any Pre-Approval requirements, deductibles or co-payments outlined in the Table of Benefits. 

  7. We will only reimburse charges that are reasonable and customary in accordance with standard and generally accepted medical procedures. If we consider a claim to be inappropriate, we reserve the right to decline your claim or reduce the amount we pay.

  8. If you have to pay a deposit in advance of any medical treatment, we will reimburse this cost only after treatment has taken place. 

  9.  You and your dependants agree to help us get all the information we need to process a claim. We have the right to access all medical records and to have direct discussions with the medical provider or the treating doctor. We may, at our own expense, request a medical examination by our doctors if we think it’s necessary. All information will be treated confidentially. We reserve the right to withhold benefits if you or your dependants do not support us in getting the information we need.


Everything you need to know before you go and when you get there.
Certain services which may be included in your plan are provided by third party providers outside the Allianz group, such as the Expat Assistance Programme,Wysa, Travel Security services, HealthSteps App, Second Medical Opinion and tele-medicine services. If included in your plan,  these services will show in your Table of Benefits. These services are made available to you subject to your acceptance of the terms and conditions of your policy and the terms and conditions of the third parties. These Services may be subject to geographical restrictions.  The HealthSteps App does not provide medical or health advice and the wellness resources contained within Olive are for informational purposes only. The HealthSteps App, Wysa and the wellness resources contained within Olive shouldn’t  be regarded as a substitute for professional advice (medical, physical or psychological). They are also not a substitute for the diagnosis, treatment, assessment or care that you may need from your own doctor. Wysa may not be used by those under 13 and is subject to legal guardian consent between 13 and 18. Wysa is not a substitute for face to face psychotherapy nor provides a diagnosis or prognosis, treatment or cure for a disease,  disorder or disability or to provide any kind of state regulated mental health service in users country of residence. Wysa is not an emergency or crisis service and should not be used by individuals suffering from certain physical and mental conditions, as more particularly listed in the Wysa terms of use. You understand and agree that AWP Health & Life SA (Irish Branch) and AWP Health & Life Services Limited are not responsible or liable for any claim, loss or damage, directly or indirectly resulting from your use of any of these third party services.

* Our oncology case management service is not intended to replace your doctor’s assessment and advice. Our case managers will not suggest any diagnosis or treatment. Once you register your interest for the above service, your case will be assessed to ensure that you are eligible for it before you are assigned your personal oncology case manager.