Accessing medical providers

What doctors or hospitals can I go to within my area of cover?

Under our plans, normally our insured members are free to choose the medical provider they prefer, as far as this is within their selected area of cover. 

However, different arrangements may apply depending on the type of plan available to you: for example, your policy may be linked to the use of a specific medical provider network. Please check your Table of Benefits and your Membership Card to confirm if any medical network applies to your policy. If your plan is linked to a specific medical network, for your convenience you will have received a list of medical providers included in your network within your Membership Pack. 

If your policy is not linked to the use of a medical network, then you can choose the medical provider that you prefer. 

In this case, if you need help locating a provider in your area, you can use our MyHealth mobile app (if you have a policy with access to our app) to search for hospitals around your location and get GPS directions to them. 

Alternatively, you can always access our International Healthcare Provider Finder on our website, which allows you to search for hospitals, clinics, doctors and specialists on a country by country basis, with the ability to narrow down the search to specific regions and cities. You can also search under Medical Practitioner categories e.g. Internal Medicine, as well as on Specialism e.g. General Surgery, Neurosurgery or Traumatology etc.


You are not restricted to using the providers listed in this directory: the medical providers are available in our directory for your convenience only and we do not recommend, endorse or sponsor them, nor their inclusion in our directory implies that we have any agreements in place with them.


If you are covered in the USA and are seeking a medical provider there, we recommend that you contact our third party administrator that we have appointed to administers your policy in the USA. Our third party administrator can assist you with locating a medical provider close to you and scheduling an appointment. The contact details of our third party administrator can be found on the back of your Membership Card.

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Note that we will need your name and policy number to identify you in our system and be able to respond to queries on your cover, your claims, etc. – so please don’t forget to have your policy number with you when you call us or to state it in your email (together with your full name) if you prefer to write. 

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