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We all have days when we don’t feel like getting out of bed, but if you feel like that most of the time, you may be at risk of burnout.
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May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month | Allianz Partners

Skin cancer is almost always curable when caught early, so it's important to protect yourself and get checked as early detection is key.
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7 Effective Tips for Beating Expat Loneliness | Allianz Partners

Struggling to settle into life as an expat? Expat loneliness is a very common experience. Follow our effective tips to help you feel more settled.
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Signs of quiet quitting | Allianz Partners

The trend towards quiet quitting is gaining momentum around the world and having a huge influence on the future of work. Learn more about the signs of quiet quitting and techniques to address it.
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Pre-Existing Mental Health Issues as an Expat | Allianz Partners

Moving abroad can be daunting, especially if you're managing pre-existing mental health issues. Learn how to cope with living abroad with our tips for expats.
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How to Deal With Expat Depression | Allianz Partners

Living and working abroad on assignment? Feeling down for a while? Discover the signs and symptoms of expat depression and where to go for help.
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The use of technology to improve your health

Health and fitness apps, wearables and digital devices can all help to improve your diet, track your fitness activities, and improve your sleep regime.
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10 Most Common Signs of Expat Burnout | Allianz Partners

With a busy expat lifestyle, it is important to look after your health. Learn more about the most common signs of burnout when experiencing high stress as an expat.
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Top lifestyle tips for a healthy colon | Allianz Care

Just like any other part of your body, it’s important to pay attention to your colon health. Here are seven lifestyle tips for a healthy colon.
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