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Ladies socialising together

Being social and finding social confidence again | Allianz Care

After months of being told to stay apart, to keep a distance, and to remain at home, the world is slowly opening back up again.
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Woman cooking

Promoting Healthy Eating in the Workplace | Allianz Care

Does what we eat at work really matter? Turns out it does, not only for our health but also for our productivity. Discover easy ways to promote healthy eating at work today.
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social contact post covid

How to stay safe when socialising again | Allianz Care

Before you jump back into that crowded bar or concert life, follow our tips on how to safely navigate your post-lockdown social life.
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Woman in bed

Changing the way we sleep to adapt to the new world of work | Allianz Care

The recent Allianz Partner’s ‘Working From Home (WFH) Survey’ has highlighted a number of areas for development relating to working from home. One area in particular, which is crucial to health and wellbeing, is sleep.
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Man on mobile stressed

Expat Long Distance Relationship Disadvantages | Allianz Care

Many expats enter into long distance relationships. Discover some disadvantages and how to work through them with your partner.
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Woman on mobile

Expat Long Distance Relationship Advantages | Allianz Care

Long distance relationships can be hard for expats on assignment but there are benefits for couples too. Discover the advantages of doing long distance today.
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Woman working on laptop

Mental preparation for returning to the office | Allianz Care

As the world slowly starts to open following COVID restrictions, companies are finally beginning to welcome employees back to the office. While many of us have worked in an office for our entire working lives, we are creatures of habit and the psychological transition back to an office environment following an extended period at home may not be as straight forward as it once was.
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Woman smiling

Heart problem symptoms in females | Allianz Care

Women’s heart problem symptoms differ from men’s. Discover the symptoms to look out for and how women can try to reduce their risk of heart problems.
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Foods that may Prevent Cancer | Allianz Care

They say we are what we eat but how does that impact our health and wellbeing? Discover if there are foods that may help prevent cancer?
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