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Thinking of renting out your home as an expat? | Allianz Care

Here are our top tips for letting your property when relocating abroad
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Coming out of lockdown: Tips on looking after your mental health as the world slowly begins to ease restrictions | Allianz Care

For many of us, the gradual lifting of coronavirus restrictions brings longed-for opportunities – meeting with friends and family once again, visiting the hairdressers or our favourite shops and restaurants.
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10 Tips for Successful Start in Expat Role | Allianz Care

Getting ready to go on assignment? Discover our helpful tips on research, expectations and insurance to ensure a successful start in your expat role.
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Building Personal Brand for Expat Life | Allianz Care

Did you know that building a personal brand can help you to stand out from the competition and establish yourself with potential employers? Find out more.
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What to ask a doctor when planning a baby as an expat | Allianz Care

Planning to start a family while on expat assignment? Here are just some of the questions you may want to ask your family doctor.
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Prepare for Expat Interview via Zoom | Allianz Care

Preparation is key to expat interview success whether face to face or online. Discover tips on how best to prepare for an online / via Zoom job interview here.
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How to live as a digital nomad in a post-lockdown world | Allianz Care

With remote working likely here to stay, the nomadic lifestyle is becoming more alluring among professionals around the world.
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10 must-have apps for expats | Allianz Care

Thanks to the world of technology, expats now have a wide range of apps at their fingertips that can help make life that bit easier.
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Best critical illness insurance | Allianz Care

Are you looking for the best critical illness insurance for your or your family? Discover the benefits of our product so you are protected should you become seriously unwell.
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