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The top 6 reasons to take that overseas assignment | Allianz Care

Many of us dream of living abroad for at least some time during our life. And for very good reason. There are many benefits, both personal and professional, to embarking on an international assignment.
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Expat Life Lessons: Building a Career as an Expat | Allianz Care

Whether you’re a diplomat or a digital nomad, a volunteer or vice-president, you’re working hard to grow your career while you’re abroad.
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In-demand job skills in a post-pandemic world | Allianz Care

Wondering how you can stand out in a post-pandemic job market? Demonstrating these top six skills to potential employers is sure to set you apart from other candidates.
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Expat Life Lessons: Managing the Serial Expat Life | Allianz Care

At Allianz Care, we understand that expat life varies for every person: some expats travel overseas for temporary assignments, while others spend their lives moving from post to post, and country to country.
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Feeling anxious or fearful around the current pandemic? | Allianz Care

7 strategies to manage anxiety during COVID-19 uncertainty and lockdown.
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mental health

Expat Life Lessons: Maintaining Good Mental Health | Allianz Care

Here at Allianz Care, we understand the importance of mental wellbeing. We know that maintaining good mental health can be challenging for people living abroad, as they may be adapting to a new environment while separated from their support network.
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Critical Illness Insurance - do I need it? | Allianz Care

Thinking about critical illnesses is never easy. Find out how Critical Illness Insurance works, what’s covered and if it’s the right option for you here.
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face covering

Should I wear a face covering after I get the vaccine? | Allianz Care

Health experts strongly advise that you continue to wear face coverings for a while longer, particularly in public settings, even after you’re vaccinated.
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How to keep your heart healthy | Allianz Care

Stop smoking, eat well, stay active are the most effective ways to reduce your risk of heart attack and to maintain good heart health.
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