Travel insurance from Allianz Assistance


Allianz Care provides dummy International Health Insurance which covers the individual for multi-country day-to-day medical care as well as longer-term medical care for example chronic illness, hospital stays, out-patient treatment and much more. International health insurance is designed for people who:

  • Are living abroad for a few months or years due to work, study or lifestyle.
  • Are based in their home country, but spend long periods of time abroad each year due to their work or lifestyle.
  • Are based in their home country, but want to be able to get medical treatment abroad because they believe the quality of medical care may be better than what’s available locally.
Need international health insurance?
Our Flexicare Short-term international health insurance is perfect for individuals and families who are working, travelling or living abroad for less than a year. Choose between a 3, 6 or 9 month policy and we will cover your medical costs such as hospital visits, surgeries, prescription drugs, cancer treatment, diagnostic tests and GP visits. Flexicare will also cover medical evacuations, just in case the treatment you need is not available in your new country.
Below you can find a list of Allianz Partners Websites that deal specifically with travel insurance. 
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