Capuchin Day Centre to benefit from €10k donation from international health insurer Allianz Worldwide Care

August 01, 2014
Allianz Worldwide Care was awarded the fund bursary by Allianz SE, as part of the Allianz Group’s Global Innovation Awards scheme, in recognition of their employee Health & Well-being programme.  The award allowed the company to select a deserving beneficiary, and Allianz Worldwide Care chose the Capuchin Day Centre, to receive the donation.

Open six days a week, the Capuchin Day Centre in Dublin 1 has seen a threefold increase in users since the economic downturn, and needs €2.5 million per year in order to keep the charity running. 

Allianz Worldwide Care staff regularly volunteer at the Capuchin Day Centre, including at weekends and bank holidays.

“We’re delighted to be able to reward the incredible work of Brother Kevin and his team of volunteers at the Capuchin Day Centre with this donation.  Brother Kevin relies hugely on donations as for every €1 of state funding the centre receives, it requires a further €4 to survive.  Many of our staff volunteer and fundraise for the centre throughout the year; some even do so before work."

“It’s important to us to ensure that all staff have a good work-life balance and this resulted in the design of a Health & Well-being programme for employees.  We’re very pleased with the positive impact this has had on the staff and the subsequent award that recognises everyone’s efforts.”

The Global Innovation Awards were introduced to recognise excellence in employee engagement. Allianz Worldwide Care is one of three Allianz companies to receive the award this year.

Allianz Worldwide Care is one of the world’s leading international health insurance companies, employing over 800 staff in Dublin and abroad.