Over 130 years’ experience looking after the health and wellness of Diplomats and IGO/NGO staff working abroad.
International health for IGO - NGO - GOV
We have been taking care of the specific and complex needs of IGOs and MOFAs for over 130 years. We specialise in tailoring our solutions for groups of over 100 employees and their dependent. We design creative  bespoke cover with far-reaching medical networks that fit budgetary constrains and contain cost while providing access to healthcare for IGO  and MOFA staff everywhere.
We have put in place some top-up cover or cover for the fellows of the EU or the UN purchasing on an individual basis but benefitng from terms negotiated at group level:
EU officials
Supplementary insurance to the Joint Sickness Insurance Scheme, selected by Affiliatys for EU officials. 
European instution
Designed specifically with the needs of the  trainees at European Institutions in mind. 
Special offer on the Care Plans for the holders of a Personal Service Agreement from the UN.
We know that every NGO is different, so we’ve designed a flexible range of plans and benefits, giving the freedom to choose according to each organisation and its people. NGO Care plans are available for groups of 5+ members and provide cover for dependants where required. 
EU officials
For expats 
European instution
For 3rd country nationals
For short-term staff
Short-term health
The plan covers acute medical emergencies abroad, when employees are outside of their country of residence and of  employment, for up to 90 or 180 travel days per insurance year. Our Emergency Medical Cover for Business Travellers is specially designed for employers who want to cover the emergency medical needs of their staff while they work abroad.
Critical Illness
Avenue is critical illness international insurance that we’ve built to protect your employees in the unfortunate event of a serious condition. Avenue covers treatment for 12 types of medical cases of which three are specific for children. 
Life & Disability
Allianz Partners life and disability solutions - taking care of your employees and their families. We’ll support our members, providing them with comprehensive life and disability solutions that meet the needs of different companies, employees and their families.
Learn more about our widest range of insurance products, all with the convenience of a single point of contact for health, life and disability insurance products, as well as health and protection services.
Provides an additional lump sum to beneficiaries if the insured employee dies due to an accident, provided the death takes place within 365 days of the accident.
Accidental Dismemberment
Provides a lump sum to the insured employee if they lose a limb or limb function as a result of an accident, provided the dismemberment takes place within 365 days of the accident.
permanent disability
If an insured employee becomes permanently disabled as a result of an accident or illness, this benefit will provide financial security.
Provides financial security to insured employees who are unable to perform the essential duties of their own occupation and any suited occupation.
short term disablity
Provides financial security for up to two years to an insured employee who is unable to perform the material and substantial duties of their role as a result of an accident or illness.
In the event of the insured employee qualifying for Long or Short term disability, this benefit pays the employer's pension contibution (or less as selected) as a percentage of the employee salary.
Global Health Services
Global health services helps improve the quality of life of your team by supporting them with their mental health and wellbeing, improving health outcomes with preventive care, and making access to information and care as fast and easy as possible.
Administrative Services
Allianz Care has the experience and expertise to administer a range of insurance risks, including health, life, disability, and security. Companies not insured or part-insured with Allianz Care can still avail of our comprehensive international administration services.