Business Travel Insurance - what's included?  

03 August 2021
Of course, during these uncertain times you want to protect the health and wellbeing of employees while they are travelling and in their destination. This is where business travel insurance can help. Our emergency medical cover provides them with access to treatment abroad should they be involved in an accident, natural disaster or suffer a severe illness or worsening of a health condition. 
Employees with business travel insurance can receive treatment worldwide, outside of their primary country of residence or employment.  
Sometimes finding short-term business travel insurance for an employee with an existing condition can be difficult. You can rest assured that our short-term business travel insurance covers an unexpected worsening of symptoms of a pre-existing or chronic condition and hospital admissions as a result.
The good news is insured members are covered for the treatment of Covid-19. 

Taking a holistic view of your wellbeing, our business travel insurance also includes 24/7 access to security services for advice and information on  potential threats such as terrorism, civil unrest and severe weather risks.

Before you travel: 

  • Country intelligence and security advice about a number of countries

While you are away: 

  • Contact our emergency security assistance hotline to speak to a security specialist
  • Daily security news updates
We are living in unusual times. As we gain control over the pandemic, we know it remains a challenging time in many countries. If your business has hired employees overseas who are not able to relocate at the moment, business travel insurance may provide them with emergency cover until it is safe once again.

There are three options when it comes to the length of time business travel insurance lasts:

  1. 90 travel days per year per insured person
  2. 180 travel days per year per insured person
  3. Or cover is for a maximum number of business travel days across all employees per insurance year

If you have more questions about our emergency medical insurance get in touch with us, we are happy to answer them.