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As a Global HR Manager, discover how you can provide new expatriates with the tools they need to succeed and help to prevent costly expat failure.

How to foster leadership in the international workplace| Allianz Care

Discover how you can bring out leadership qualities in others with our tips for fostering leadership in the international workplace.
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Managing Expat Assignments Post Pandemic | Allianz Care

The working world has been fundamentally changed by the global pandemic. Discover what this means for expat management.
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Managing Short-term Assignments | Allianz Care

A short-term assignment can be a more cost effective way of achieving specific goals in another market without disrupting an employee’s life too much.
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Analytical thinking for HR leaders | Allianz Care

Interested in improving your analytical thinking skills? An more important skillset for HR leaders. Try our tips today.
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Work life balance and productivity | Allianz Care

Work-life balance has a significant impact on productivity. Discover how HR can support employees finding a work-life balance that works.
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Critical Thinking in HR | Allianz Care

Critical thinking plays an important role in all areas of business. Discover how to develop critical thinking skills in HR.
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Managing Commuter Assignees | Allianz Care

Managing commuter assignees is likely to throw up different challenges when comparted to traditional expats, discover how HR can help.
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When and why you should get a Second Medical Opinion | Allianz Care

Being diagnosed with a serious medical condition can be overwhelming. Many people facing a diagnosis of a rare disease, a complex surgery or an invasive treatment plan consider seeking the advice of more than one doctor. This is called a Second Medical Opinion.
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Colleagues laughing together

Employee wellbeing in the international workplace | Allianz Partners

Discover just some of the ways your business can boost wellbeing in the international workplace.
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