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foreign assigment
As a Global HR Manager, discover how you can provide new expatriates with the tools they need to succeed and help to prevent costly expat failure.
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5 Barriers to Workplace Diversity and Inclusion | Allianz Partners

We have looked at diversity and inclusion best practice but what are some of the things that can stop businesses from achieving diversity?
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How to expand your SME internationally | Allianz Partners

Expanding an SME overseas is both daunting and exciting. Discover some of the elements your business should consider before making the leap.
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SMEs: Maintaining brand identity when going global | Allianz Partners

Thinking about expanding to overseas markets? We explore how to maintain your brand identity to see success.
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How is big data transforming healthcare? | Allianz Partners

Big data is changing every aspect of the world we live in. We take a look at the impact it is having on healthcare.
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Tips for SME health and safety for expats | Allianz Partners

Are you an SME sending expats overseas on assignment? Discover some tips to keep them safe while they are away.
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Challenges for SME's with Expats

For SMEs with global vision, expat employees may be part of your roadmap but what are the challenges you might expect to encounter and how can you overcome them?
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Organisational challenges facing International NGOs

With coronavirus and the corresponding economic crisis impacting fundraising efforts, it’s not hard to find challenges facing NGOs this year. However, there are steps you can take to protect your organisation.
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How to solve communication problems between HR and expats

Effective communication between Human Resources (HR) and those on assignment is a key element in the overall success of an organisation's expatriate programme.
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Facilitating disability disclosure in the workplace

As employers we want to get the best out of our employees. If they are hiding a disability, the daily challenge of meeting deadlines, fitting in, time management and being heard can make working life oppressive.
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