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Overcoming imposter syndrome and accepting success | Allianz Care

Most of us have experienced feelings of self-doubt or the sense of being a fraud at some point in our lives. But when your accomplishments are a result of your own knowledge and hard work, and you still feel inadequate, you're most likely suffering from impostor syndrome.
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Managing for Innovation as an Expat | Allianz Care

Discover how expat leaders can manage for innovation with specific management systems that nurture new ideas, and ensure their team take action.
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Facing Cancer as an Expat | Allianz care

Even when living as an expat the unexpected can happen in life. We share simple steps to prioritise your health and wellbeing when facing cancer as an expat.
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Challenges Faced by Expat Women | Allianz Care

Expat women can encounter some extra challenges when moving overseas. We explore these unique challenges faced by expat women and how to overcome them.
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Mindful drinking for January and beyond

There’s never been a better time to be more conscious of your drinking. And what better time to start than the beginning of a new year?
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Managing Friendships as an Expat | Allianz Care

Expat friendships bring positive experiences and memories into your life abroad. We explore how you can build and manage friendships as an expat.
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Managing Family Relationships as an Expat | Allianz Care

Moving overseas will affect your family too. Make this transition easier on everyone by learning how to manage your family relationships as an expat with our guide.
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Benefits of helping others | Allianz Care

Helping others is not only good for them, it also boosts your happiness, health and sense of well-being.
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Family walking

Follow the Ma Family’s Big Move Abroad (Part 6) | Allianz Care

Follow the Ma family as they move from Ireland to Canada. See the family overcome the reality of long-distance travel with a small family, including family goodbyes, children’s excitement, layovers, hotel stays, rental cars, dramatic change of temperatures and more.
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