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How to deal with being a victim of crime as an expat

Tips for dealing with being a victim of crime as an expat
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Financial questions to ask HR before taking an expat role overseas

Thinking about accepting an expat role? There are some important financial questions to consider for a successful transition to expat life.
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Meet Helena, Pianist and Allianz Care Champion

People are at the heart of what we do. So each month we want to introduce you to one of our Allianz Care Champions, the wonderful staff helping our customers across the globe every day. This month, meet Helena.
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Extraordinary expats making their mark on culture

Expats have long made their mark on the societies they live in, we take a look at some extraordinary expats who made a lasting contribution.
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new parent abroad

New parent abroad: tips for coping without family support

Moving overseas to take up an expat role can be stressful. This is particularly true if you are pregnant or planning to start a family while you are away.
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Best places for digital nomads

Discover some top destinations for digital nomads and location independent workers
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Trailing spouse blogs to follow

If you plan to move overseas with your partner so they can take up an expat role, check out these blogs to help you settle in.
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‘Hug in a bowl’ Happy food for your Expat Family

Recreating your favourite dishes from back home can be a great way to spread a little happiness in these difficult times.
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6 simple tips to help cope with COVID-19 confinement

For those who struggling to cope with the confinement period we have some simple tips to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.
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