SME Repatriation Insurance

March 2023

Repatriation insurance covers an expat returning to their home country for medical treatment if they become ill or injured. There are many reasons an expat employee may need repatriation cover. They may prefer to be near family and friends when getting treatment, in a familiar environment, or they may need medical care that is not available to them locally. 

Sometimes, the worst can happen, and an expat may pass away. In the event of the death of an expat while abroad, repatriation insurance coverage also manages the cost of transporting the remains back to their home country. 

We know that this kind of situation can be incredibly stressful and emotional for expats and their families. Having a trusted provider there to cover the costs and answer any questions can relieve some of this stress and allow the family the time and space they need.

 If your SME business employs a globally mobile workforce, it’s essential to have a plan in place for repatriation. Having this cover in place provides peace of mind to your employees, giving them reassurance that their health and wellbeing will be looked after should they need to return home for medical treatment. 

Without this kind of cover, expats can run into a number of issues if they need to access emergency medical treatment abroad. These can include language and cultural barriers, verification of medical history, locating a suitable medical facility, and hefty medical bills for paying for treatment out of pocket. Without support from their employer, expats may feel unappreciated and disrespected, which can lead to a lack of motivation and attrition within the company. 

With Allianz Care, we strive to make the repatriation process as seamless as possible. 

The process begins with a call to our 24/7 Helpline as soon as there is an indication that medical repatriation might be required. Once the relevant information has been given, the request will escalate to our Evacuation Team for assessment, where they can confirm the need for repatriation. 

The Team will then identify, organise and manage the most suitable transport options for the member to return home. This may include air or ground travel, or both. The expat’s Evacuation Plan will be drawn up, and then initiated. During this time, the Evacuation Team will monitor the progress of the member’s transport with the service providers. 

Once the member has been received into care in their home country, the Evacuation Team will confirm that the repatriation is complete. Allianz will continue to monitor the member’s progress with their medical team until they have been discharged. 

Throughout the repatriation process, the team at Allianz will closely monitor its progress and provide regular and timely updates.

Getting sick or suffering an injury while away from your home country can be a scary and unsettling experience. Medical expenses and repatriation can be confusing to navigate, so having access to clear communication is key. Choosing an insurance provider with the knowledge and experience to provide exceptional care to its members is something that employers should prioritise for their global staff.

Allianz Worldwide Care have managed evacuations and repatriations in 83 countries across five continents. Our range of plans for SMEs allow you to tailor the right combination of cover for your employees.

We offer a network of over 1.3M quality medical providers to our members, and settle medical bills directly with the provider for most in-patient treatments. Our always-on assistance offers a 24/7 multilingual Helpline, while MyHealth digital services allows members to submit claims, view policy documents, find local healthcare providers and more.

For more information about medical evacuation and repatriation insurance and our international health insurance plans, please contact sales support on +353 1 514 8406 (8am-5:30pm (GMT), Monday to Friday).

Alternatively, you can get in touch with our Small and Mid-size Business Team to chat through some options, or find more information on Corporate Group Scheme International Health Insurance online now.