How important is evacuation and repatriation insurance for expats?

June 17, 2016


There are times when receiving treatment in one of our specially selected hospitals or medical centres in the country in which you are living will be the perfect option to ensure your health requirements are fully met. 

Normally, when you need treatment under one of our plans, a local medical centre will be able to provide everything you need. You are treated, you recover and return to work and family life.

However we also know that there are times when medical conditions are more serious, and in some cases the treatment you need may not be available locally. Travel may be required to receive necessary treatment.  Allianz Care offers two options in this instance, depending on the plan you choose; evacuation to a place where the treatment is available and repatriation to your home country for treatment.

For expats and their families living or working in remote areas where there may not be easy access to medical facilities, the inclusion of medical evacuation and repatriation cover may be an important part of their health insurance plan.

Although it is not something we like to think about, it is important expats also consider what will happen in the event of their death, or that of a family member, while living or working overseas. They may want remains returned to their home country.

Medical evacuations are carried out when international workers or their dependents get ill or injured and the required medical treatment is not available locally, at which point they need to be taken to the nearest suitable medical facility.

The countries from which Allianz Care clients are most frequently evacuated include Mozambique, Libya and China, where specialist medical care is limited. South Africa and Germany are among the countries to which members are most commonly evacuated to, due to the availability of centres of medical excellence and specialist care facilities.

This is coverage for returning an expat to their home country for treatment, so they can be cared for in an appropriate environment, and in familiar surroundings close to family and friends.

In the case of a death, repatriation also covers the costs of returning remains to the home country. Dealing with a bereavement while abroad is an expat’s worst nightmare. In the unlikely event the worst happens, it is important to have a plan for what is going to be an exceptionally stressful time. Knowing the financial costs of repatriation will be covered gives expats the peace of mind of knowing their loved ones are not being burdened with additional cost. 

At Allianz Care we have managed evacuations and repatriations in 83 countries across five continents. We ensure constant lines of communication during all evacuations and repatriations from the moment that first call is answered. After that, there is a tried and trusted process in place which is based on making sure the member gets the care that they need as quickly as possible.

For more information about medical evacuation and repatriation insurance and our international health insurance plans, please contact sales support on +353 1 514 8406 (9am-5pm (GMT), Monday to Friday) our multi-lingual team of experts are happy to help.