International health insurance plans for Lebanon

February 23, 2017

Lebanon has a lot to offer expats, 225km of Mediterranean coastline and fabulous beaches for sun worshippers, snow capped mountains and skiing for thrill seekers and the nightlife, restaurants and ambience of Beirut for culture seekers.

A relatively small country with a growing population of 4.5 million, Lebanon has often made world headlines for the wrong reasons, being at the centre of Middle Eastern conflicts. 

However, despite the conflicts, many expats have made successful relocations to Beirut and Tripoli and found Lebanon to be a vibrant and rewarding place to live.

If you’re considering relocating to Lebanon, Allianz Worldwide Care provides international health insurance plans for expats and nationals.

The plans, which have been developed together with local partner, Allianz SNA Lebanon, give clients access to a comprehensive network of healthcare facilities, both in Lebanon and across the Allianz Worldwide Care global network.

A choice of four Core Plans is offered to individuals and their families living in Lebanon. Each offers cashless treatments at a wide range of both in-patient and day-care facilities, together with other benefits such as medical evacuation, full-refund oncology treatment, and rehabilitation treatment.

The Core Plans can be supplemented by additional levels of cover such as out-patient, dental, maternity and repatriation.

Alexis Obligi, Director of Sales and Marketing at Allianz Worldwide Care said: "Lebanon has a growing population of some 4.5m people together with a globally mobile expat community. In developing the plans, we have been particularly mindful of the cost of cover. We have therefore incorporated a range of deductible options, which will reduce the premium, and clients can choose from two different geographical regions of cover. This, together with the modular design of the plans, makes them amongst the most flexible in the market."

This flexibility ensures that cover is appropriate based on the client’s particular set of needs and budget.

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For more information: Download the Lebanon plans brochure