Key market movements for private international health insurance

August 29, 2016

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Pacific Prime’s second annual Cost of International Health Insurance Report found that at USD 17,335 the USA is the most expensive country for private international health insurance.

However despite it’s top placement, the cost of insurance in the USA has fallen by almost 21% in the past 12 months, from an average cost in 2015 of USD 21,892.

In general when the USA is excluded from the report, plans cover a much narrower spread from USD 11,780 in Hong Kong to USD 7,608 in Mali, which was found to have the lowest average cost private international health insurance of the 95 locations surveyed.

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Rank Country Average Cost USD
1 US 17,335
2 Hong Kong 11,780
3 China 10,881
4 Canada 10,870
5 Singapore 10,452
6 Dubai 10,213
7 Israel 10,110
8 Russia 9,538
9 UK 9,458
10 Mexico 9,380

A key movement within the international health insurance market is seen in Dubai, which saw significant increases in premiums over the past 12 months. The 2016 report ranks Dubai at 6th place, an increase of 8 places from 2015.
  • The report presents figures from the top 10 insurers in the industry, who together total approximately 70% of the total number of plans sold worldwide, focusing on four key demographics:
  • Singles - 36 year old Male.
  • Couples - 36 year old Male and 35 year old Female.
  • Families - 36 year old Male and 35 year old Female + two children aged 5 and 10.
  • Retirees - 60 year old Male
  • For each demographic prices were aggregated for the following three types of plans from each provider:
  • Inpatient coverage only
  • Inpatient + outpatient coverage
  • Inpatient + outpatient + maternity coverage
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Source: Pacific Prime