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September 09, 2016
English and Portuguese.
Relationship Management acts as a bridge connecting us to our clients. My responsibility is to be highly accessible, fulfilling our clients’ needs by quickly addressing any operational and financial challenges they may face. Establishing trust and an effective two-way communication is key in delivering the solutions our clients seek.
From helping them design a health plan that suits their workforce to furnishing them with the right regulatory information, from day-to-day operational matters to discussing the financial performance of their scheme, our clients are constantly looking for our input and expertise.
A client recently initiated a project in a remote Latin American region. We quickly engaged with them to understand what their requirements were and from then on, together with our Provider Services team, we managed to develop a network of direct billing medical providers in the area. This not only addressed a healthcare need but also a financial one, as members were able to access medical care without disbursing any cash.
Our key challenge is to implement corporate healthcare schemes that are affordable and highly efficient. Providing value for money and enabling a healthy workforce for our clients is our main objective.
Researching your destination is key. But due to the lack of information available a helping hand is sometimes needed. Expats cry out for support in certain areas (not only medical but also emotional and others!) as It can be hard to be away from home sometimes, regardless of the location. This is another area where we can help via the services of our valued partners in this field.

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