Qatar has best earning potential for expat women

April 01, 2016

The survey, which involved almost 10,000 female expats, who rated their host countries on six different criteria: career progression, increased earnings, ability to save more, better quality of life, active social life and ease of settling in quickly.

Qatar was chosen as the best country for both, increased earnings (57 per cent) and a greater ability to save money (73 per cent).

The UAE also performs strongly, as 40 per cent of women said that they earn more there than in their home country, almost a tenth above the global average of 31 per cent. Additionally, more than half the UAE respondents (54 per cent) said they were able to put aside more money there.

The financial benefits of living in the region are also apparent as expat women rank Qatar (88 per cent) and the UAE (87 per cent) as the best globally for the benefits they are provided by their employers.

When it comes to career development, Asian countries top the rankings. 63 per cent of female expats say Hong Kong is a good place for expats to progress their career. China (59 per cent) and Singapore (56 per cent) follow closely behind.

The majority of female expats say the experience and lifestyle of being an expat is their most important consideration (46 per cent compared to 37 per cent for men), while for their male peers, the financial side of a life abroad - income, savings and careers - are the most appealing (44 per cent, compared to 35 per cent for women).

Female expats are are less likely to receive benefits from their employer, just 62 per cent compared with 76 per cent for male expats.

The survey revealed the top occupations for women working abroad are education (19 per cent), marketing, media and creative jobs (12 per cent) and financial services (12 per cent).

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