The benefits of international
health insurance

April 06, 2016

Whether you are a globally mobile professional, an international student or an employee working abroad for a temporary period, planning a move to another country will undoubtedly present you with much to consider. From finding suitable accommodation to dealing with local employment laws, there is plenty to think through and organise.

One thing you are likely to consider is how you will provide for the healthcare needs of you and your family. An international health insurance policy may be the ideal way to ensure that you have access to quality healthcare wherever you are in the world. So for those of you deliberating purchasing a policy, we have highlighted some of the advantages of healthcare insurance.

As with all insurance products, the primary benefit of an expatriate health insurance policy is its ability to protect you from an unexpected financial loss. Healthcare costs may appear relatively reasonable in your home country or perhaps you have access to universal health insurance and have rarely even considered healthcare as a cost. However, the cost of medical treatment varies considerably from country to country and in some cases can be incredibly expensive.

This is particularly true when you consider that the level of healthcare you require may not be available locally in your host country and repatriation or treatment in another jurisdiction may be required. An international health insurance policy can protect you in your moment of need and ensure that immediate financial considerations do not dictate the level of care you receive.

If you are moving to a host country with universal healthcare, you may be considering relying on publically funded healthcare during your stay. This may be particularly true if you are moving from one EU or EEA state to another. While public healthcare in some jurisdictions may meet your basic medical needs, a global health insurance plan will guarantee you and your family access to the highest quality of healthcare and choice possible.

This means that you will have the freedom to choose the medical facility and practitioner which you are most comfortable with, meaning decisions on healthcare are based on your needs. This plan also includes simple perks such as a private or semi-private room in a hospital to make your period of recuperation that little bit more tolerable.

The benefits of a global medical insurance policy become apparent in the event that you or a covered family member requires emergency medical treatment. A health insurance policy can help to cover a whole host of the costs involved in a medical emergency.

This starts with cover for fees charged by local ambulance services right through to expenses incurred for surgical treatment and even rehabilitation costs. An international health insurance policy can also cover some of the non-medical costs associated with a medical emergency. For example, the cost of a medical evacuation, in the event that an adequate level of care is unavailable in your current location, and travel expenses so that a family member may accompany you.

The benefits of an international health insurance policy are not necessarily limited to a medical emergency scenario. A healthcare policy can also help with the day-to-day medical expenses that you and your family may incur. This can include routine expenses such as seeing a general medical practitioner and dental treatment fees, to elective procedures such as laser eye treatment. A health insurance policy can even be tailored to assist you in one of the most important stages of your life by providing for both in-patient and out-patient treatments during maternity.
Purchasing an expatriate health insurance policy from a provider such as Allianz Worldwide Care doesn’t just compensate you in the event of a claim. Becoming a member also means you can rely on the support and expertise of a market leading company with both a global presence and local knowledge. This allows you to access a global network of physicians and medical providers while safe in the knowledge that our in-house Medical Services Team will ensure that all treatments you receive are medically necessary and the most appropriate available. You and your family can also benefit from membership services such as our 24/7 MediLine Medical Advice Service and our multilingual Emergency Helpline.
For more information on how you can benefit from an Allianz Worldwide Care healthcare policy, visit our benefits page or get a quote now and become a member from as little as €55 per month.