Where are the best countries for expats to live?

September 01, 2015

For its annual Expat Insider Survey, InterNations asked 14,000 expats representing 170 nationalities living in 195 countries to rate expat life in their chosen destination. 

In total 64 expatriate destinations around the globe were assessed based on criteria such as job opportunities, family life, salary considerations, healthcare, quality of life, safety and cost of living, with the results offering some very interesting insights.

  1. Ecuador
  2. Mexico
  3. Malta
  4. Singapore
  5. Luxembourg
  6. New Zealand
  7. Thailand
  8. Panama
  9. Canada
  10. Australia
Ecuador tops the list due to its low cost of living and high quality of life. Mexico took 2nd place as expats found it easy to settle there and adjust to its culture. Malta came in 3rd as respondents experienced high job satisfaction and good work-life balance there. 

At the other end of the spectrum Kuwait came in last place at number 64 due to its low score when it comes to the ease of settling in and the overall quality of life for expats in the country. 

50% of expats surveyed in Greece (63rd place) rate their financial situation negatively. With particularly bad results when it comes to job-related factors such as career opportunities, work-life balance and job security. 

Nigeria ranked in 62nd place, performing lowest of all destinations on the quality of life index. Two-thirds of respondents ranked Nigeria negatively for cost of living, it also fared badly in the personal safety and political stability indices. 

For more information or to see the full survey report, visit internations.org
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