New benefits and enhancements to standard healthcare plans

December 12, 2013
International private medical insurer Allianz Worldwide Care has announced a number of new benefits and enhancements to its standard healthcare plans, following its recent annual product review. New and renewing group and individual clients will benefit from increased healthcare cover in a number of areas, including genetic testing, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, prescribed drugs, palliative care and long term care.
“Every year we monitor, review and improve on the level of cover available to our clients. Changes to cover are driven by feedback from our clients, so they often focus on very practical elements which support the way in which our members are actually using these plans.  We also believe in the benefits of preventative care and in giving our clients access to the latest proven advances in medical treatment. This has been demonstrated by the introduction of cover for BRCA1 and BRCA2 genetic testing, the same test undertaken by Angelina Jolie to gauge the likelihood of developing breast cancer. All of this, combined with one of the lowest rates of premium increase in the market, provides our clients with comprehensive cover and competitive premiums.” 

Details of the additional cover provided are listed below:

  • Cover has been extended for both palliative care and long term care. Palliative care is now full refund for an unlimited number of days (it was previously covered for up to 30 days) and long term care cover has been extended from 30 to 90 days.
  • The rehabilitation benefit now covers treatment that starts within 14 days of discharge (previously it had to start immediately after acute medical treatment had ceased).
  • In all standard Out-patient Plans, the prescribed physiotherapy benefit now covers up to five treatments without the need for prescription or referral. 12 treatment sessions per condition are covered initially (prescribed and non prescribed combined) and additional treatments are covered if medically necessary.
  • On the Gold Out-patient Plan, the Health and Wellbeing Checks benefit now includes cover for BRCA1 and BRCA2 genetic testing as a means of identifying a pre-disposition to breast and ovarian cancer. Existing checks covered include liver function tests, cardiovascular and neurological examinations, mammograms, prostate screening, bone density checks and well child tests. The checks, tests and examinations covered under this benefit are not dependent on any clinical symptoms being present and are part of the company’s commitment to preventative care.
  • A new Dietician Fees benefit has been added to the Gold Out-patient Plan which covers up to four visits with a registered health professional for dietary advice required as a result of diagnosed medical conditions covered under the plan.
  • A new Prescribed Drugs benefit has also been added to the Gold Out-patient Plan, offering cover of up to £42/€50/$70/CHF65 for drugs that have been prescribed by a physician but don’t legally require a prescription prior to purchase.

The changes will be reflected in Allianz Worldwide Care’s client Benefit Guides, which have recently been redesigned to create more concise and user-friendly documents. 

The new Benefit Guides for employees and individuals are available to download from

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