Allianz Worldwide Care launches ‘Allianz Corporate Assistance’

December 22, 2014
International health and life insurer Allianz Worldwide Care launched a new corporate assistance services offering today, ‘Allianz Corporate Assistance’, developed for business travellers and expatriated employees of multinational companies. Multinationals operating in remote environments, for example within the mining, oil and gas industries, often face challenging conditions. For their employees, health and security risks can be high, while local medical support may be limited or non existent.

“The introduction of Allianz Corporate Assistance is a natural and straightforward step for us. We have many clients in industries such as mining, construction, oil and gas, who need to establish operations where those natural resources or opportunities are located. This can include some fairly inhospitable environments. Our clients want to ensure that there is adequate medical care and support for their teams”. 

"We already have doctors based around the world and a 24/7 multilingual Helpline, so we are well placed to extend our support offering to help clients overcome some of the challenges that they may face and mitigate health risks. For example, in remote locations, if medical care is not readily available, we can establish static or mobile first aid stations, medical centres or clinics, with state of the art medical equipment and supplies”.

Allianz Corporate Assistance services include:

  • Establishment and staffing of remote first aid stations or clinics
  • Tele-medicine
  • General health and medical provider information
  • Medical evacuation/repatriation and related services
  • Case management of out-patient and in-patient treatment
  • Shipment of prescribed drugs
  • Medical second opinion
  • Occupational health and wellness
  • Health checks

These new services are available from 1st January 2015 and the company has designed the offering to be very modular, flexible and convenient for clients. There is a base package of standard medical assistance services which companies can then supplement from a list of additional services, selecting only those that are of interest to them. Services such as the establishment of remote clinics and tele-medicine facilities, which by their nature need to be tailored to each client, can be purchased on an individual basis, regardless of whether or not the client has selected the base package. 

These new services can be purchased by any company, regardless of whether or not they currently have international health and life policies with Allianz Worldwide Care.

Allianz Worldwide Care is the international health and life insurance division of Allianz Worldwide Partners and part of the Allianz Group, which serves more than 75 million customers in over 70 countries worldwide. 

Allianz Worldwide Care provides insurance solutions for health, life and disability on a global scale. Our focus is on earning and maintaining client loyalty by providing a market leading product range, level of service and support. With a client base that includes many of the Fortune Global 500 companies, Allianz Worldwide Care continues to build a reputation for service excellence in international healthcare. Allianz Corporate Assistance services will be provided by Allianz Worldwide Care Services. 
Carolyn Monchouguy
Grayling (on behalf of Allianz Worldwide Care)
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