Allianz Partners implements new Human Resources practices to shape One Company Culture 

July 24, 2019
Supporting its continuous transformation and growth, Allianz Partners, a truly global company operating in 76 markets with strong expertise across automotive, health, travel insurance and assistance, has rolled out a series of human resources initiatives to create an innovative and unified ‘one company culture’.

According to HR professionals, senior executives can play a key role as culture carriers. A 2019 survey shows that clarity of company strategy and leadership development are top areas for improvement required by large organisations1. To transform differences into opportunities and to align all executives around a shared understanding of the company strategy, Allianz Partners has created a first-of-its kind Executive Excellence program. This one-week in-person program has welcomed more than 460 top executives since 2018.

Each session, comprised of around 30 participants from around the world, is sponsored by a board member who presents the company strategy, vision and ambitions. Engaging sessions follow, where participants share their respective industry and market knowledge, identify best ways to tackle market challenges and realize opportunities together.

They are also invited to participate in several team building activities including a 2-hour Digital Escape Game, to reinforce their company knowledge and digital skills.

The Executive Excellence program also allows participants to spend time working in another function and location alongside a colleague from their session, with whom they agree to job swap/shadow. For one week, the participants can experience his/her counterpart’s responsibilities, get to know other functions, boost creativity and gain a fuller perspective of the company. 

More than 300 Executives have shadowed or swapped alongside their colleagues from another area since the beginning of the program.

For Claire Cusack, Head of Human Resources at Allianz Care:

 Claudia Reichmuth, Director of Human Resources and Change Management, Allianz Partners Group, says:
After the success of the 1st wave, the Executive Excellence program has also been cascaded further into the organisation and has been redesigned for employees from sales, underwriting, marketing and operations functions, so as to improve effectiveness through smoother collaboration between these functions, and to optimize customer experience of all four lines of business. Nine sessions have taken place in 2019.

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