Allianz Care launches Olive

 June 16, 2020


Allianz Care has today announced the launch of Olive, a brand new approach to health, wellbeing and preventive care for corporate groups, inter-governmental organisations (IGOs) and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). The launch follows a successful pilot programme, which was rolled out to 27,000 employees of IGO clients around the world. Allianz Care, the international health brand of Allianz Partners, specialises in providing international health and life insurance and associated health and protection services. Olive is the latest offering in Allianz Care’s suite of health and protection services.

The Olive programme was piloted last year in three IGO clients with staff stationed across four continents. IGOs are often required to send staff to high risk areas around the world, which can result in significantly varied needs and challenges regarding the mental and physical health of individual workers.

The Olive pilot provided the participating IGOs with access to on-site health screenings managed by Allianz Care physicians and nurses in three locations: Rome, Nairobi and Panama, where screening results were compared against the norm for each region and recommendations could be given. The IGO’s staff also had access to a range of digital services which meant they could make use of the programme no matter where in the world they were posted. Participants were invited to take part in any way they chose and could opt-in to use the platform and register for screenings.

health screening
Identifying those at risk of getting a chronic disease such as diabetes or heart disease, before those diseases have progressed. Data is gathered through on-site health screenings and the HealthSteps app.
proactive treatment
For any ‘at risk’ employees identified. Depending on their health status, support can range from attending talks by medical professionals, to being guided to the appropriate care and treatment where their progress is monitored.
health and wellbeing
Empowering clients’ employees through a range of digital health and wellbeing tools where they can get relevant information, support, set personal health goals and even arrange team-wide fitness challenges.

Of the 27,000 IGO staff who took part in the pilot programme, a significant number reported that they were unaware they may be facing health issues before taking part in the initiative.

Thomas Duvernoy, the company’s Head of Health and Protection Services added: “Olive isn’t just new a new addition to our suite of health services. It represents a fundamental shift from reactive to proactive care, which significantly improves health outcomes. We wanted to take a more proactive, holistic and data-driven approach to healthcare. To give our group clients a more intelligent and effective way of caring for their staff. Having a physically and mentally healthy workforce is a priority for most organisations, and the need for digital support tools for mental health and wellbeing has never been more evident than in the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Many of us wouldn’t consider being screened for any conditions unless we felt unwell. The truth is that many risk factors for the onset of disease are often left undetected. Preventive medicine is critical in combating the onset of, or further development, of disease, plus lifestyle plays a huge role in our overall health profile. Which is why Olive combines prevention, treatment and self-empowerment in one package.”

Olive is available to all group clients of Allianz Care and can be purchased as a standalone solution, or alongside international health and life insurance. Further details on Allianz Care’s Olive programme can be found here.