Cern Accessibility statement

Allianz Partners is committed to making its website accessible, according to Italian Law 4/2004. This accessibility statement applies to the “Cern” webpage.
Partially compliant
This webpage is partially compliant with the requirements stated in appendix A of regulation UNI CEI EN 301549. Cases of non-compliance are listed below. An analysis and evaluation of the webpage's contents is in progress to adapt to the described requirements.

The following contents are not accessible for the reasons explained below:

  • Requirement: - Visual representation of text and text-containing images does not always have the required minimum contrast ratio unless exceptions are provided in the standard (e.g., logos);
  • Requirement: -  Lacks a mechanism for skipping blocks of content that are repeated on multiple web pages;
  • Requirement: - Headings and/or labels do not sufficiently clarify content or functionality;
  • Requirement: - Not all user interfaces that can be operated by keyboard have an operating mode in which the focus indicator is visible;
  • Requirement: - Not all components that have the same functionality within a set of web pages are consistently identified.
This statement was drafted on 14.11.2023. The information contained in this statement was obtained through an evaluation performed by third parties.
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If you have reported an issue and have received an inadequate or missing response within thirty days of the original submission, you can report it to AgID. Simply follow the instructions indicated on the AgID  website.
1. Website publication date: 23/11/2023
2. Usability tests performed: no
3. CMS tool used for the website: Adobe Experience Manager
1. Number of employees with disability conditions in the company: 2
2. Number of workstations for employees with disability conditions: 0