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There is no doubt the insurance brokerage industry faces challenges from the volatile global landscape. Discover our tips for winning new business in 2020.

What is included in Business Travel Insurance | Allianz Care

Does your business have an employee travelling overseas for a short time? We answer your questions about business travel insurance from Allianz Care today.
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Business Travel Insurance Vs International Health Insurance Post Covid | Allianz Care

Are people from your business travelling overseas to work? Have there been changes since the Pandemic? Wondering what kind of health insurance you need? Discover the answer today.
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HR Trends for the New Normal in 2021 | Allianz Care

The global pandemic in 2020 caused a seismic shift in how many people work with long term repercussions for Human Resources. We look at some of the emerging trends in HR in 2021.
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SME Business Growth | Allianz Care

Trying to grow your SME? Discover why SME growth is essential for the wider economy as well as your business along with some tips on how to get started.
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Brexit, 5 years on: a professional and personal journey | Allianz Care

For over a year now, Covid-19 has dominated the media, commerce, and our personal lives. As a global health insurer, issues in any region have a direct impact on business, customers, and the broker community with which this industry work so closely.
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Role of HR in change management | Allianz Care

Need to make a change in your business? We look at the role HR can play in the important area of change management particularly during these uncertain times.
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Boost Employee Morale in 2021 | Allianz Care

Are things feeling a little flat around your virtual office? Looking for ways to boost employee morale? Discover our suggestions for reconnecting with colleagues digitally.
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Business Travel Medical Insurance for SMEs | Allianz Care

Do you arrange travel for employees in your SME? Are you wondering what protection is needed if they become ill or have an accident while they are away? This article is for you.
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Workplace Wellness Challenges Colleagues Will Love | Allianz Care

As vaccine rollout begins in earnest, employers and employees around the world hope to navigate out of the global pandemic across 2021. However in many countries restrictions on movement and socialising remain.
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