5 blogs for global insurance brokers in 2019

March 14, 2019

Overall, 2018 was a good year for global insurance brokers. Consistent economic growth, rising interest rates and more investment income led to positive results for many brokers. Although the outlook for 2019 remains positive, there are some unknowns on the horizon that may impact global insurance brokers. Deloitte highlights concerns about a global economic slowdown that may hit as soon as 2020 with international trade disputes, rising interest rates and other factors feeding into a recession.

In addition, although demand for insurance policies increased over 2018, global insurance brokers face regulatory change and shifting consumer expectation.

To mitigate these difficulties and many others, brokers must be aware of industry developments in a fast-changing political environment.

Following on from our useful resources for international health insurance brokers article, we have found five blogs for global insurance brokers that will help you stay up to date with what is happening across the industry in 2019:

One of the big four global accounting firms has a section dedicated to the global insurance industry. It’s the place to go for more general information on the industry including regulatory changes, how IT is impacting insurance and ways companies can grow.

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One of the largest business consultancy companies in the world, Accenture offers a wealth of insight and knowledge on a wide range of industries. When it comes to insurance the focus is on how technology is transforming the industry.

Topics: AI and insurance, insurance as a living business, data monetisation, excellence in medical management

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If you are looking for ways to market your brokerage, this blog may be of interest. Posts are full of advice and insights on knowing your audience and targeting them with a relevant message. Agency revolution show you how to segment and analyse the data you have at your disposal to understand your audiences’ needs and communicating with them in a pro-active way.

Topics: Client support, marketing strategy, trends


Although technically not a blog, the Insurance Times is a great resource for those in the global insurance industry. The UK based publication is European focused and will be of interest to global insurance brokers with business in this part of the world. They conduct a significant amount of analysis into fraud, claims, technology and regulation. At the moment there is also a significant focus on Brexit and what it will mean for the global insurance market.

Topics: Cyber, claims, insurtech, mergers and acquisitions

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Although it has a distinctly US slant, Assurex are a global company partnering with more than 600 independent agents and brokers around the world. Their blog focuses on HR, insurance, risk management and cybersecurity.

Topics: HR, cybersecurity, health, construction, wealth management

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The new year brings with it a lot of uncertainty in global business. Following some of these resources may help you stay on top of what is happening no-matter where in the world you do business.

If your brokerage offers international health insurance and you are looking to grow in 2019, get in touch we recognise the role you play in helping customers get the right cover for their needs.