Useful resources for international health insurance brokers

July 05, 2018

If marketing your brokerage is a challenge for you, this is the place to start. Each of these blogs provide a range of strategies for promoting insurance to a consumer audience.

Inbound insurance marketing: want customers to come to you? Insight from this well written, easy to understand source can help. From tips on improving your Google ranking to best practice when it comes to insurance email marketing and social media, you are sure to find something that will help your business build its sales funnel.

Insurance Agent Marketing: although US based, this site offers some great tips on insurance agency marketing from recruitment to promoting your business and upselling to clients. While not everything will be applicable, we think there are likely to be some useful tips here.

Outbound Engine: the insurance section of this site contains well written content on a range of relevant marketing topics including how to leverage LinkedIn for your business, customer retention and transforming marketing data into action.

Keep up with your fast-moving industry by following some of the suggestions below. Whether you are future focused or want to know what is happening today, there is something for you:

Insurance Splash: these short and snappy posts are perfect when you need a quick injection of information. Whether it is ‘setting insurance goals that work’ or training employees, these humorous posts, from a US perspective, are a great way to pick up some tips without having to delve into detailed reading.

IBM: the insurance element of their insight on business is well worth keeping an eye on for what is coming down the line in the insurance industry. From using blockchain to reduce insurance complexity to what the internet of things could mean for international health insurance.

As an international health insurance broker, it is important to stay up to date on the challenges that expats face when it comes to health and wellbeing. There is no better way of staying up to date with this than through expat websites and forums, where people working abroad share their trials and tribulations. They may provide inspiration for your own marketing or allow you to get a better understanding of those looking for an international health insurance broker:

Expat Blog: the international health insurance posts in this blog deal specifically with international health insurance and related issues in a wide range of expat destinations from Kuwait to Germany. Topics vary from concerns about soaring health insurance prices to expat retirees and the challenges they face from political instability. Can your brokerage help solve any of these problems? If you can, it could be worth talking about.

Expat Focus: providing solid financial advice for expats, this blog is another great source on what expats struggle with financially. It is a great place to gain a deeper understanding of the variety of expat personas that may be looking for international health insurance, from the super wealthy to those who struggle financially.

Internations: chances are you have come across this blog before but it’s holistic nature and quality writing makes it worth mentioning again. Covering everything from raising children abroad to culture shock this is a comprehensive source of all the draws on an expat living and working abroad. What, as an international health insurance broker, could you help with?

Last but by no means least are the places to go to find out about what is happening in the insurance industry now:

Insurance Journal: focusing on global insurance news, the Insurance Journal is a good place to start for a general overview of the industry. Covering concerns like data privacy issues associated with biometrics, this is where you will find the latest insurance news.

Insurance Times UK: for a more European focus, the Insurance Times UK covers claims, regulation and financial news related to insurance. They also provide deep dive analysis on topics like fraud and areas that may impact international health insurance including Brexit.

Insurance Forums: have a question you need an answer to? Try posting it in the world’s largest insurance forum. This active industry discussion board is a meeting place for all kinds of insurers including brokers.

So, there are some of our suggestions. We know this list is by no means exhaustive, are there other resources you rely on for information that are worth adding? Get in touch via LinkedIn or Facebook and let us know.

Finally if you have any questions about international health insurance plans for your clients, we would be happy to answer them.