Challenges of international human resource management

January 26, 2021

Remote working is how many of us remain, and are likely to, until the successful rollout of a global vaccination programme.

But Covid-19 restrictions were not the only challenges facing international HR professionals. Throughout 2019 we looked at a wide range of difficulties global HR may encounter including:

Digital is disrupting the primary areas where HR plays a part domestically and globally. Discover how this disruption is impacting people departments around the world. As a result, many multinational companies have restructured their people departments. We included results from a study by Mercer indicating the most common structure chosen by global industries. 
The cost of expat failure makes managing a mobile workforce a key deliverable for many global HR departments. An essential part of expat success is clear and regular communication with people departments so issues can be flagged early and resolved quickly. We look at ways your people department can proactively communicate with the expats you manage to help them achieve their assignment goals. 
If you feel your HR department struggles with expat communication, we look at the reasons why including the impact of cultural diversity and physical distance. Most importantly we look at ways your business can solve these issues using tools like training and development, active listening, and empathy to help your global workforce know their needs matter.
Building a diverse workforce is key to international success. In this post we look at the many benefits workplace diversity provides particularly for doing business abroad. Having a more diverse workforce is likely to improve innovation and attract a wider range of talent, both essential elements in the modern workplace. Discover more of the benefits of encouraging diversity of all sorts in your business.
Is closing the gender gap a goal for your business? Wondering if the ‘gender ambition gap’ may prove problematic for this? We look at this commonly held belief in more detail and the research that shows it does not actually exist. Women are not unequally represented in the workplace due to lack of ambition. Research shows there are a myriad of other reasons why we are not as likely to see women at the boardroom table. We delve into this in more detail and what businesses of all sizes can do to bridge the gender gap.
If one of the challenges your HR department is facing is international health insurance, we have options to meet the needs of businesses from SME to Enterprise.