Emergency medical evacuation: What employers should know

April 2023

As an employer, understanding the medical needs of your employees, both at home and abroad, is essential to creating a safe work environment. If you work with globally mobile employees, the risk of accident or emergency can be heightened, depending on where and how they work abroad. 


When an emergency occurs, having the right insurance coverage in place can protect your international employees. In this article, we’ll explain emergency medical evacuation and how to protect your international employees with the right kind of insurance coverage. 

Medical evacuation is the process of moving a person with a medical condition to another location so they can receive required standard of care. Depending on their location, local medical services may not be adequate, or the treatment they require might not be available. Medical evacuation may not involve moving the person straight to their home country. It may make more sense to move them to the closest location with quality medical care from where they are. 


Emergency medical evacuation occurs when the person’s life is at immediate risk, or if they have suffered a major injury or illness that needs immediate care. In these situations, if an insurance cover for emergencies is in place, the insurance provider works quickly to organise appropriate transport and care for the individual and their family. 

Whether your international workers are on a short-term business trip or long-term placement, if they do not have access to required medical facilities, medical evacuation coverage is a crucial part of their insurance.  


While globally mobile employees can have a range of needs from their employer in times of crisis, such as mental health and financial support, the first port of call in an emergency is their swift and effective transport to a safe location. Having an insurance provider that is accessible 24/7, and who speaks their native language, is essential to keeping things moving smoothly in a difficult time.  


What’s more, having a robust international healthcare plan in place for your employees can help your business attract more top talent. Allianz Care’s short-term emergency cover can cover employees for medical emergencies for up to 180 days internationally – allowing your team to work remotely from anywhere with peace of mind. This kind of flexibility is a top priority for today’s workforce and can help you to strengthen your international team. 

The process of evacuations differs between insurers, so it’s important that both you and your employees are familiar with your company’s policy. Here’s how the process works with Allianz Care.    

If an international employee is involved in an emergency, their first port of call is to contact Allianz’s 24/7 Helpline. Allianz Care will then initiate their rapid response service and escalate the employee’s case to their Evacuation Team.  


This Evacuation Team is the central point of contact for insured employees and their families, providing updates at every stage of the evacuation process. Allianz employs an in-house team of multilingual support staff, so language is not a barrier when helping clients,. 


The Evacuation Team will identify the closest appropriate medical facility and arrange appropriate transportation. Each evacuation is unique, but the team’s experience and local knowledge allow them to make an informed decision every time. 


Dealing with a medical emergency can be a very distressing time. Allianz Care is here every step of the way to provide continuous support and peace of mind. For more information about medical evacuation and repatriation insurance and our international health insurance plans, please contact sales support at +353 1 514 8406 (8 am-5:30 pm (GMT), Monday to Friday).  


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