International Health Insurance: 7 benefits expatriates expect

December 20, 2018
Below we list some of the key elements those working abroad as expats may expect.
Expatriates value access to quality in-patient care no matter where they are living in the world. This need becomes more acute for those living in underdeveloped or third world countries with poor access or standards in local hospitals. Ensure international health insurance companies you partner with can provide your clients with a range of in-patient options from basic to fully comprehensive.
The World Cancer Research Fund report rates of cancer are increasing globally. Although socioeconomic factors impact the type of cancer developed, there are very few groups who escape the risk altogether. Comprehensive cancer treatment is a must for most expats seeking international health insurance.
Accessing medical treatment in case of emergency is critical to most expats looking for international health insurance cover. Becoming ill suddenly while in an unfamiliar country is a frightening prospect. Knowing they can depend on their international health insurance provider to allow them access the help they need as quickly as possible is crucial.
Many expats find themselves in countries with underdeveloped healthcare systems. In these instances, having medical evacuation as part of their policy is a priority. Medical evacuation means an expat will be transferred to the nearest facility providing the treatment they need, even if that is abroad.
If your client is one of the 21% of expat’s raising or planning to raise a family abroad then this might be an important benefit. Usually an added extra on most plans, maternity cover will provide those planning a family with the reassurance needed should they or a partner become pregnant while working as an expat.

This is coverage for returning an expat to their home country for treatment, so they can be cared for in an appropriate environment, and in familiar surroundings close to family and friends.

Although most people moving abroad don’t want to think about it, death through accident, illness or violence is possible. It is important your clients are aware that repatriation costs in such a situation are very high and add an unwanted burden to grieving family and friends. Having repatriation cover as part of international health insurance provides them with the reassurance that should the worst happen, there will be no additional burden on their next of kin.

A comprehensive expat assistance programme can help with a wide range of expat issues including:

Which may all impact an expat’s ability to perform their role.

If you are interested in partnering with a global insurer providing these benefits, and more, in a variety of tailored international health insurance plans please get in contact with us. We would be happy to answer any questions you have.