Global HR Blogs to Follow 2023  

January 2023
As an international HR professional the amount of data coming your way from LinkedIn, social media and the wider internet can be overwhelming. To help you distil the best from the rest we have created a list of HR blogs to follow based on your area of expertise or focus for 2023.

McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company, the international consultancy firm, have completed a whole host of research on hybrid working and what it means for the future of work. If you are looking for data on what other businesses are doing and what the future of hybrid working might look like, this is a great place to start.



Officely, the hybrid office management tool from Slack, have several blogs devoted to the topic of hybrid working. They cover everything from creating a hybrid working policy to how to run successful hybrid meetings.  


HR Zone

Although UK based, HR Zone has a host of globally useful articles about hybrid working covering topics including “leadership in hybrid working” and “whether hybrid working discriminates against some employees”. 



Ongig have a host of blogs on diversity. They cover the breadth of diversity. There is excellent content about every stage from recruitment to offboarding. Some highlights include writing job descriptions with inclusive vocabulary to great diversity statements that may inspire your business. 


The Australian HR Institute 

Get a southern hemisphere perspective on diversity and inclusion best practice from the Australian HR Institute.  From tips for hiring for diversity to how to avoid misgendering colleagues, the institute covers a host of useful topics if your business wants to improve its diversity in 2023.


HR Magazine

UK based HR magazine have a host of content on diversity and inclusion. Posts on whether HR may get in the way of diverse and inclusive cultures or if HR are getting workplace adjustments for disabilities right are sure to be food for thought for many professionals.  



The SHRM blog is a great place to find US focused information on diversity and inclusion. From helping women lead authentically to how tech layoffs may be negatively impacting diversity and inclusion this HR powerhouse cover a lot. This is also a great place to go for up to the minute information on changes to HR legislation in the US. 

Great Place to Work

Well, the title says it all. Great place to work is a global authority on workplace culture. Famous in HR circles for its annual best workplace culture lists, their blog is a great source if data backed content. Packed full of insightful info, it’s the perfect place to start a search if you are making a business case for something relating to your business’s culture.  In addition there is a host of global HR related content including how to create a workplace women won’t want to leave or what millennials are looking for in the workplace.


Office Vibe

Looking for something more relaxed? Office vibe is just that. It is full of practical, useful information on maintaining, improving, or changing your business culture. No matter what area of culture you are working on there is likely to be a practical post on how to get things done in this blog. From how HR can boost employee engagement to employee journey mapping from onboarding to offboarding, there is so much practical advice, it’s well worth subscribing to. 



Building a positive organisational culture has been at the core of this marketing platform’s ethos from the beginning and they are happy to share the how’s behind it. Their blog covers everything from how to “avoid damaging your company culture” to “values to inspire company culture” that will help inspire you if you are trying to work on or improve how your business gets things done

International businesses are sharing their HR insights via blog. They can provide more insight than most on both the benefits and challenges facing international HR in 2023. The HR team at Spotify share their insight into how they create an environment where innovative, passionate people work together to be their best. 


We hope you find some of these recommendations helpful when planning and executing your HR strategies in 2023 or if you feel in need of some inspiration. 


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