International recruitment methods to consider 

February 06, 2020
If you are planning to recruit from overseas in 2020 because you can’t find the talent you need in your home market or you want a native's view of another market, attract talent by:

In today's competitive employment world you need to offer something that your competitors don’t. This might sound difficult as an SME, without budgets for free food, recreational space or flash offices but what is more important to an international employee are the values of your business.

The 2018 Global Talent Trends study by Mercer showed that employees value ‘working with purpose’ over many of the more superficial benefits often offered by employers. To attract talent ensure you have a clear understanding of your company’s values.

Communicate it internally by showing existing employees how their roles impact the business and express gratitude for the work that they do. Once you have built a solid base internally begin communicating your company’s values and how you incorporate them with the outside world. This will help potential candidates get a feel for your company culture and hopefully view it as an attractive place to work. 

Help those seeking an international role see that your company is already a diverse place to work. Celebrate and welcome diversity in all its forms. As an SME, if you can show you already have a diverse workforce you are in a much stronger position when it comes to attracting international talent.

Ideas to implement include:

  • flexible working hours
  • marking holidays of underrepresented minorities
  • inviting guest speakers from diverse backgrounds 

Talk about the diversity that exists by interviewing employees and sharing them on your company’s LinkedIn profile or with recruitment agencies. 

This is key to success when it comes to hiring global talent. We all possess unconscious bias, it is a product of how we categorise the world in order to make sense of it. However, as an international HR manager you can help your business overcome it by implementing a structured interview process.

There are many ways in which we can unfairly favour or discount a candidate based on criteria that have nothing to do with their ability to succeed in a role. Help limit unconscious bias in your business by:

  • writing an inclusive job description 
  • hiding name and gender on CV’s that are reviewed
  • asking each candidate the same questions
  • avoiding questions that could be viewed as discriminatory e.g. age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, abilities etc.

Communicate to prospective employees from abroad that support will be provided if they must move either on a permanent or temporary basis for the role. As a HR manager ensure there is a relocation budget to facilitate relocation assistance. International talent may need assistance with:


Communicate the availability of administrative assistance for a move abroad through all of the platforms you are advertising a role on. 

Take every available opportunity to speak about your company as a great place to work. 

Is there a job fair in a market you want to recruit from? Make sure you have a stand. 

Want to target a profession? LinkedIn may be a good starting point because people usually share their job titles there. 

Don’t forget existing employees, if they are happy, they will be your greatest advocates, encourage them to advocate for the company where they can.


For your company to grow you must put the work in to attract the right kind of talent to help achieve your international goals.