How to Manage a Hybrid HR Team Effectively: 5 Tips  

September 2023

We’ve all grown used to the new reality of hybrid work being the norm for most teams. But while HR teams work diligently behind the scenes for the rest of the organisation, leaders can sometimes overlook the importance of investing in this team as well. 

Managing a hybrid HR team comes with its own unique set of challenges and opportunities. In this blog post, we’ll delve into strategies for effectively managing hybrid HR teams, ensuring seamless collaboration, efficient communication, and successful outcomes for your business. 

Establish transparent communication channels that cater to both remote and in-office team members within your HR team. Utilising a  combination of virtual meetings, instant messaging and regular, more formal updates will help keep everyone connected and informed. 
From the moment an HR team is being formed, leaders should clearly outline expectations regarding availability, response times, and deliverables. This promotes accountability and ensures that all team members are on the same page. However, it’s important to proritise work-life balance. 
As mentioned earlier, work-life balance is is a fundamental aspect of the hybrid work movement. HR managers should recognise that different team members may have varying work preferences. Embrace flexible work hours while ensuring core team collaboration times are maintained is essential. 
Virtual collaboration tools can be an excellent way to seamlessly transition from the office to home and back again. Find tools that facilitate real-time communication, document sharing, project tracking and video conferencing to ensure everyone feels connected throughout their work day. 
From their first day, your new hires should feel a sense of community and consistency in their work. Utilise technology to conduct virtual onboarding and training for new hires, ensuring that remote employees receive the same level of support as those in the office. 
Schedule regular one-on-one meetings with team members to stay updated on  their progress, challenges, and career aspirations.  
Virtual lunches, trivia games, and online workshops can all foster a sense of unity among your hybrid teams – it's well worth investing the time to make these events something special. 
Acknowledge the efforts of team members through virtual recognition programs that reward them, regardless of their location.
Work with each team member in the HR department to create personalised growth plans that align with their career goals. Use these to create pathways for team members, with things like training, upskilling, and attending virtual workshops. 
Pair remote employees with experienced mentors within the organisation, so they can provide guidance and help with knowledge transfer between departments. 
A great manager focuses on outcomes rather than micromanaging processes. Empower your team members to manage their tasks independently and foster a sense of ownership. 
Evaluate team members based on their contributions rather than the time they spend working. Results are not dependent on long hours spent at your desk, and it’s always better to reward efficiency. 
Managing a hybrid HR team requires a combination of clear communication, effective collaboration and a strong team culture. Like any other hybrid team, it’s a delicate balancing act –one that can be mastered by investing in support for employees.
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