Employee Engagement in 2023

February 2023
Successful organisations understand that their biggest assets are their employees. Looking after your employees will in turn ensure your clients are taken care of. Both the employee and organisation benefit from having strong engagement. With valuable business results being achieved both parties can flourish. So, what employee engagement trends will there be in 2023? We explore to help organisations adapt and stay ahead of employees changing expectations.
The workplace has evolved in the last few years, moving to a hybrid and flexible working world. Now more than ever people are looking for human connection, with  Anxiety levels worldwide at a record high. These factors need to be recognised when considering the importance of employee engagement.
Studies show that 78% of employees are more engaged when they gain positive recognition for the work that they do for their organisation. Lack of recognition is one of the most common reasons why employees leave an organisation. Businesses need to actively ensure employees feel their efforts are being recognised and appreciated. This also works to boost motivation and create loyal employees. Consider implementing recognition and reward platforms that will empower your teams. Technology platforms like Microsoft teams, Slack and Google chat may help.
A crucial factor to keep all your efforts working in unison is communication. Current statistics show that up to 85% of employees are more motivated when internal communications are clear and effective. Aiming for a seamless flow of information should be your goal. This will also work to establish a clean and smooth network for engagement when remote working.
Every organisation needs quantifiable data to make an informed decision for the business. Surveys are a simple and effective way to gather your data. Allowing your employees to highlight what areas you need to work on. For honest data you may want to ensure your survey goes through an anonymous system.

As an employer, you have a responsibility to promote wellness in the workplace. Covering both mental and physical health.  In 2023 Employee well-being is central to establishing effective engagement in your organisation. In a post-pandemic world over 60% of the global workforce is reporting at least one mental health challenge. The demand is there for organisations to set up their employee well-being initiatives 


Consider taking action to provide mental health training sessions and implementing team-building activities to help your teams connect. Offering flexible working hours is another way to give your team enough time to disconnect from work and have a good work-life balance.  

New joiner employee engagement is just as important for an organisation. Businesses that implement strong and creative onboarding processes increase their new hire's productivity by 70% and their talent retention by 82%. 

Replacing any old, outdated technology your team has to use is a simple and effective investment. This will limit inefficient work practices which play a big role in improving your employee’s day-to-day challenges. By upgrading, you are also empowering your team with innovative tools and technology. This can drive positive employee engagement by helping them to achieve more effective workflows. 

Studies indicate that employee engagement increases profitability by 21%. By creating a work environment that fosters engagement, organisations can improve their employees' satisfaction, and performance, and ultimately drive their own success. This is why in 2023 engagement should be a priority in order to propel your business to the next level.


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