Reasonable adjustments for menopause in the workplace 

August 2023

As an employer, it’s up to you and your leadership team to make your organisation’s culture and environment as inclusive and comfortable as possible. This often means making adjustments to working conditions, policies and operations where there might be room for improvement.  


There are many kinds of medical conditions or needs that might call for changes like these in an organisation, and one is the menopause. 


Menopause is a phase that can bring about various physical and emotional changes for your employees. Recognising the impact of these changes, and making small but impactful changes to ease this transition, can help you and your employees to work through it together. Working through the menopause with workplace adjustments can be very helpful to those experiencing the transition.  


With so many now working from home or in a hybrid set-up, there are ways for an employer to improve working conditions both at home and in the office. Let’s take a look at menopause reasonable adjustments for both environments.   


Hot flashes are often one of the most debilitating symptoms of menopause, but they can be helped by maintaining a comfortable temperature in the office. Consider adjusting your heating system, especially during the hotter months, or providing fans or portable air conditioning units to help regulate the temperature and any hot flushes.  
Provide flexibility in dress codes to allow employees to dress in layers or wear breathable fabrics that can help manage temperature fluctuations. There are plenty of ways to dress professionally and still be comfortable, which management should be open to, especially in the modern workplace.  
A company canteen or meeting room is great, but often doesn’t provide the privacy that menopausal employees might need. Designate quiet, comfortable, and private areas where employees can take short breaks to manage symptoms or engage in relaxation techniques.  
Ergonomic solutions, like adjustable chairs or desks, can be very helpful not only for menopausal employees, but everyone in the office. Consider investing in this aspect of employee wellbeing, and make sure employees know the benefits.   
If your office has the means, wellbeing programmes such as yoga classes, meditation sessions, or stress management workshops can be very beneficial and make a huge difference to morale among those with menopause. Set your employees up with the tools they need and watch them become more comfortable with their work.  
If your industry allows it, flexibility around working hours can be a big help to those dealing with menopause. Symptoms can often fluctuate throughout the day, and sleep disturbances are also common. Allow your employees the freedom to manage their workload at hours that suit them, and prioritise their own self-care.   
Chances are that your organisation has already invested in their remote communication stack during the pandemic. But if you feel yours could use some work, there are many options out there to help. Video conferencing, instant messaging, online collaboration tools, etc., can all help remote employees to communicate effectively and feel a sense of connection.   
Consider setting up a virtual support group or community among your employees where they can share their experiences of the menopause. A safe space for women’s health where they can seek advice and support is invaluable and can really help to ease the transition, especially if they feel isolated while working from home.  

It’s important that your employees with menopause know that their managers support them. Managers should ensure that regular check-ins are set up with all remote employees, so that they can assess workloads, make adjustments, and keep lines of communication open. 


Remember, every employee's experience with menopause is different, and it's essential to have open and ongoing conversations to understand their individual needs. A culture of empathy, flexibility, and support allows menopausal employees to feel valued, understood, and empowered to thrive. By implementing adjustments like the ones above, your workplace will already be one step ahead in creating this culture.  

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