What Is Group Medical Repatriation Insurance?

March 2023

Group medical repatriation insurance is a form of insurance that global employers should consider having in place for their employees on international assignments. This type of insurance covers the cost of transferring sick or injured employees from overseas back to their home country. This is typically coordinated by a medical transport company or an organisation that specialises in medical evacuations. 


As more organisations grow their global presence, expats are increasingly relied on to run international operations. Having a global workforce may involve a higher level of risk. To mitigate these risks having the right coverage in place is vital for both the organisation and their employees on international assignments. 


Medical repatriation is when a person is transported back to their home country for medical treatment. This also covers situations where the expat has passed away. Covering the cost of returning their remains to their home country. 


Medical evacuations are used in urgent situations when a person is transported to another location or country for medical treatment.

Do you have employees based in remote areas of the world, with limited access to medical facilities? Then this type of insurance will help protect your employees and should be considered as a part of their insurance plan. Healthcare is a major concern for expats and their families, so it can be reassuring for them to know that their healthcare is protected when on international assignments.
Group medical repatriation allows a patient to receive medical care in their home country or in another country with better medical facilities. This is extremely beneficial for individuals who are critically ill or injured and require specialised care. Depending on the policy this comes into effect if the treatment covered by the group medical insurance is not available locally.
Medical repatriation can be extremely costly particularly if the employee is seriously ill or injured. Having cover in place can reduce the costs associated with medical care and save your employees serious financial debt.
Medical repatriation insurance cover usually includes internal support to help navigate the process. This includes multilingual support to aid the transition, supporting everyone involved and limiting any issues from language barriers. 
When working and living in a foreign country this type of insurance can provide peace of mind for employees. 

Find a medical repatriation provider that will ensure their employees receive the best possible care. At Allianz Care we have managed evacuations and repatriations in 83 countries across five continents. Covering both medical evacuations and repatriations on short haul and long haul trips. With an expert team of medical specialists supporting expats and their families abroad. 


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