LGBTI+ diversity in the workplace


September 26, 2019
Publication: Portfolio Advisor
Summary: Need to convince others in your business why LGBTI+ inclusion matters? Then this is a good place to start. Furnished with statistics from a report on the importance of being yourself at work, it also outlines how this positively impacts the work of the individual and in turn can improve overall company success.
  • Publication: European CEO
Summary: This is the article for you if your business wants to increase your support of LGBTI+ employees. Company policy really is the minimum requirement. There is much more your business can do. Find some great ideas that are easy to implement in this article.
  • Publication: HBR
Summary: Harvard Business Review analyse some of the reasons why LGBTI+ employees are reluctant to come out at work. Taking a global look, this article compares statistics in Australia, US and UK and provides insight into why statistics vary by country.
  • Publication: Bloomberg Business Week
Summary: Bloomberg speak to members of the transgender community on their varying experience of coming out at work. It provides great insight into the specific challenges faced by this community in a work environment.
  • Publication: Institutional Investor
Summary: This long form piece of content traces the history of LGBTI+ people working in one of the toughest financial markets in the world. The article interviews people working on Wall Street about what is was like coming out as LGBTI+ in the 1980’s, 1990’s and more recently. 
  • Publication: Entrepreneur Europe

If you and your business are committed to seeing more LGBTI+ people around the board room table, this is a good place to start. It covers both the benefit of diversity of leadership as well as practical ways for businesses to achieve it.


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