How to choose an international medical insurance plan?

May 11, 2016

You know that you need international health insurance, so that if you become ill or have an accident, you have access to the best medical care available.

We know the range of options can be overwhelming so we want to help you choose the right international medical insurance plan for you.

Allianz World Wide Care offer a comprehensive range of plans and levels of cover no matter what your budget. To make things even easier we offer tailored plans for moving to some countries like LebanonEgypt, and Latin America.

If you are not sure which option is right for you, contact us, our multi-lingual team of experts are happy to help.

Our international travel medical plans offer a number of options based on various criteria including:
Any international health insurance plan worth considering will cover virtually all inpatient tests, treatment costs, major illnesses including cancer and surgeries.
This covers the treatment you receive from a primary care giver like a family doctor or physiotherapist. The need for this will depend on the level of cover you want and also access to this care in the country you are moving to. For example, in the UK access to primary care is free through the NHS, but there may be restrictions around the GP you can chose or the procedures that are covered.
Your international medical insurance will include an avacuation option, which will allow for you to be moved to the nearest appropriate facility should treatment for your illness not be available locally. This is a critical consideration if you are moving to a remote or disadvantaged area where suitable medical facilities may not exist.
A period of serious illness or a major operation can involve an extended recovery period so it is important to consider whether you will be covered for this while you are abroad.
If you are considering starting or growing your family while you are abroad this is an important consideration. We can cover any unexpected complications and consider where you would like the birth to take place.
Something that is often forgotten are dental expenses, many of us don’t spend a lot of time thinking about our pearly whites until something goes wrong. If you have ever suffered the pain of an abscess or have knocked out or broken a tooth in an accident, you know how important it is to have access to excellent dental care no matter where you are living.
Although we don’t like to think about it, it is important to know what your health insurer covers if the worst happens to you, or a member of your family, while you are abroad. It is essential to consider costs covered from palliative care to accidental death.
Coping with the death of a loved one while living abroad is one of the most difficult situations to find yourself in. Returning remains to your country of origin is an expensive process. It is a vital consideration so family are not left with significant bills to pay in the event of an unexpected death through illness or accident.

International health insurance can be expensive, but insurers are becoming increasingly conscious of this and are offering varying levels of cover to meet your needs. There are a number of ways to reduce your premium:

  • Chose a less expensive plan with lower limit on the maximum claim you can make or less generous benefits
  • Consider your area of cover, excluding some regions will lower your premium
  • Pay for cover up front instead of in instalments (there is usually a % cost associated with paying in instalments)
  • We have more suggestions for lowering an international health insurance premium, in this article.
A pre-existing condition is an illness that you had prior to buying your international health insurance plan. While many insurers will not cover pre-existing conditions, some will, particularly if you have been symptom free for a period of time. Other insurers will offer cover after a waiting period of a few years. This article on how to obtain international health insurance with pre-existing conditions provides some great advice on your options if you have an existing illness. No matter what the situation it is critical that you declare any pre-existing illnesses.

If you are an employer and would like more information on international health insurance plans for employees, click here.

For an individual international health insurance quote, please visit international health insurance.