Allianz Worldwide Care launches security and risk services for global employers

April 18, 2016

The corporate assistance solution has been designed to cater for companies with a globally-mobile base of employees and organisations that operate in high-risk or unstable areas.

The new services include a wide range of tools that offer detailed country risk assessments, pinpoint the geographic location of employees during a crisis, organise ‘meet and greet’ and ‘check-in’ security services when travelling in high-risk locations, and provide detailed cultural awareness programmes.

“These services are designed to meet the needs of global organisations for whom it’s impossible to predict when and where a crisis might occur. With the ever-present threat of natural disaster, civil unrest or terrorist activity, real-time information about potential risks has never been more important. Our service enhancements are designed to give our clients a comprehensive range of solutions to ensure the safety and well-being of their workers.”

The security features of the service have been reinforced through a new partnership with Red24, a global leader in crisis and risk management. Through this partnership, Allianz offers clients access to a global network of expert security specialists, providing real-time destination risk reports and analysis. This gives organisations a comprehensive overview of the security risks involved when moving or travelling to potentially volatile locations, with full support from a 24/7 emergency assistance team.

The new services reflect the proactive approach Allianz takes to corporate assistance, and involves working closely with clients, including looking at the travel protocols they have in place, reviewing their crisis management plans, ensuring an organisation has comprehensive oversight of employee safety and well-being whilst abroad, and awareness of what support is in place in the event of a medical, travel or security emergency.

Alexis Obligi said: “The newly enhanced services are designed to help organisations pre-emptively mitigate security risks to their business, their employees and their families, wherever they are in the world. Our full range of corporate assistance and risk management solutions includes a fully integrated health, travel, security, occupational health and employee assistance programme.”

Allianz Corporate Assistance Services are supported by multi-lingual, 24/7 emergency support and on-the-ground assistance. Clients are offered the flexibility to select the services and support they require.

red24 is a crisis management assistance company delivering a range of products and services to businesses, organisations and individuals around the world. red24 has an unparalleled reputation for assisting clients in minimising risks to their personnel, operations and profitability.
Rachel Sherry
Grayling (on behalf of Allianz Worldwide Care)
tel: 087 6622111